Overcoming objections in car sales is one of the hardest things to learn when you first start selling cars for a living. If you haven’t had any experience with car sales objections you end up believing what your customer says and then you are done mentally. They told you they weren’t buying today and something clicked in your head and you were ready for the next up. Then you learned about the saying Buyers are Liars or If their lips are moving, they are lying. We all know how these sayings came about because we experience it every day of the sales floor. They lie to us, we know they are lying and even the person that could never tell a lie is OK with lying to a car salesman. I have even had priests lie to me.

Overcoming Objection in Car SalesWhen we talk about car selling objections or car buying objections we are talking about the reasons or the excuses that people use to keep from saying yes. They may want to buy the car, but they think they need to object to some part of the deal. The most common are price, interest rate and vehicle selection. The car buyer typically uses objections as part of their negotiation and it is your job to handle or overcome their objections. Of course there are legitimate objections that are hard to overcome such as bad credit, negative equity in the trade or legal requirements like age or lack of drivers license. These are the ones that are pretty hard to get past (maybe a cosigner).

In order for us to sell a vehicle we need to overcome the objections of our customer in a way that makes sense to them. It doesn’t matter if it makes sense to us or if it’s logical, it just needs to make sense to them so they are comfortable enough to say YES. The skill required to overcome car sales objections is why the successful car salesman has the opportunity to earn a six figure income. Face it; if everybody could handle objections or challenges easily a car sales career wouldn’t be so lucrative. We would all be order takers making minimum wage if it wasn’t for car sales objections.

Overcoming Objections in Car Sales

Very often car sales objections come into play because the basic steps of the sale were skipped or not completed thoroughly. I have talked about the steps of the sales and the importance and order of each step in other posts. Some customers require more time and effort to complete the steps, some need more time test driving and others don’t feel like they are getting a good deal unless they have spent an hour or more negotiating. That’s the hard part, figuring out exactly what your buyer needs before you start closing or using any other car closing techniques.

To handle your customers car sales objections I have found that the divide and conquer method is probably the best. Depending on the mindset of your customer they may and often do have several reasons or excuses for not buying. Instead of trying to put your head around all of their oppositions so single them out and work on one at a time. Break them down and list them on your worksheet. Some people can process the information much better when it is written. Start working and cross them off with them, but make sure you cover vehicle selection first. No matter how hard you work on the wrong car you wouldn’t get them to buy until you have selection.

Handling objections to car buying is one of my favorite subjects and you can learn more if you read the book. Sometimes their reluctance to buy is an excuse and sometimes it’s a reason, but whichever it might be it is your job to get past them and close the deal. There is no hard and fast rule for overcoming objections of the car buyer, but the questions to ask when selling cars can open the door. Every customer is different and to be a successful car salesman so will your method to remove their reluctance to buying a car from you.

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