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One of the principal tools that the car salesman uses in their profession are words. Most people don’t pay very close attention to each and every word they say, but the successful car salesman does. There are several words that car salesmen should never say or use if they plan of being successful.

We all know that the words we use with our customers need to be chosen very carefully. A couple of poorly chosen words can take your customer from trusting, friendly and cooperative to cold, distant and withdrawn. For some people the ability to choose and filter their words comes naturally, but for others this skill needs to be developed.

When you start selling cars you will quickly realize that choosing your words is an essential car salesman skill that can really impact your salary and commissions. Here are the four things that the car salesmen should never say and why they shouldn’t say them.

Car Salesmen Should Never Say These Things

  1. You Are Wrong: How do feel when someone tells you that you are wrong? Do you feel like listening to their advice? Are you willing to hand over your hard-earned money to the person that just said that you are wrong? Of course not. Even if you were wrong you don’t want someone telling you that you are wrong. Car salesmen that tell their customers they are wrong will greatly lessen their chances of selling a car (dah). Sure it might work with a customer now and then, but it’s no way to make friends with someone you just met.You will work with customers regularly that are wrong about lots of things, but blurting out that they are wrong won’t help your cause.If their error is not critical to your sale then leave it alone, let them think what they want. But if you absolutely must prove to them that they are wrong don’t be the bad guy, use a third-party information source. Use the Internet, use a brochure or use a calculator, but don’t be the one that says they are wrong. You need to be on their side not against them.

  1. I Disagree: Do you really disagree with them? Do you really need to tell them that you disagree in order to sell them a car? Even if you do disagree it doesn’t mean you have to tell them that you disagree. You need to be telling them that you understand. You can see where they are coming from and that you can relate to what they are saying, but you don’t need to disagree.Disagreeing with a customer can be considered an insult to some people and I guarantee you that insulting your customers won’t help you sell more cars.Remember mirroring your customer? If you are a similar person to your customer and have similar likes, dislikes and points of view as your customer, your customer will naturally assume you are like them and therefore a good person and a good car salesman. Your opinion and whether you disagree doesn’t really matter, so don’t bother saying so and risking a sale.

  1. That’s the Best Deal: I don’t care if you have been negotiating for an hour and you have already given them the best offers don’t say, “that’s the best deal”. The word deal can be considered a negative term by some people. A deal is usually a something that is made by two people casually, illegally or under the table, but not professionally. You are a professional engaging in a legitimate business transaction and it should feel that way to your customer.How many times have you seen the desk manager or sales manager give a littler more or the used car manger step up their trade-in offer to make a sale. Or the sales manager lets them out with a shopping number. Now the car salesman looks like a fool. All your credibility is gone and if there isn’t a sale made today and they come back they won’t want to talk to you.When you say, “that’s the best deal” to your customer it also says it’s time for them to go home because we are done here. Now their whole frame of mind switches gears. They might accept the offer (rarely), but usually they start thinking about where they are going to go next and buy a car because you told them that was the best deal.

  2. No: Ever since you were a kid you never really liked the word NO when you wanted something and now that you’re an adult it’s still the same. People don’t like hearing a point blank NO.The word No can also be taken as we don’t want to. We don’t care about what you want and were not going to give it to you.The word no makes it all sound so final and cold. Even if the answer is no don’t say no. Trying saying sorry we can’t because ——, we gave you all the money, there is nothing left to give. To most people No means No and its time to leave. Can I have your business card, I’ll be-back. I don’t have to explain that one do I?Car Salesman Words

I can think of plenty of other things that the car salesman shouldn’t say when they’re trying to sell car. However most of them can fit in to one of the above categories. I left out the obvious insults because I figured you already knew that insulting your customer wouldn’t help you make a sale. Make a conscious effort to choose your words carefully and before you know it will become a habit. Your words can help you sell more cars, create a be-back or even create an enemy so choose them wisely.

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot

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ted · January 22 at 7:10 am

Soft list. Take control of your customer. You are the expert not them. The word no often
establishes dominance.

KB · January 21 at 2:34 pm

Another excellent one!

Your Car Guy · January 21 at 1:35 pm

“trust me” Never use

KB · January 21 at 8:55 am

Excellent One Richard, I should have included it.

Richard Slater · January 21 at 8:20 am

Never, ever use the phrase “To be honest…” It invalidates everything you’ve said to that point.

De-Wane · January 21 at 8:02 am

Regarding No.3:

What about when the customer ask you offer is the best deal? How would you answer that?

Thank you for your time

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