Emotions and Selling Cars

Most people consider buying a car as a business transaction without room for emotions, but they couldn’t be more wrong. A successful car salesman or successful car saleswoman knows that emotions and selling cars can play a very large part in the purchase of an automobile. They take every opportunity to get the customer to use their emotions during the car buying process. Use their emotions to sell them a car and make more car sales commissions.

Emotions and Selling CarsThere is no question that more and more people today, with the aid of the Internet, make buying a car an emotionless and all-business transaction. This can hurt our sales commissions, but plenty of customers still let their feelings play a significant role in the decision process. Our job is to help them use and involve their emotions during the time we spend with them. It’s no secret that customers will do all they can to hide their emotions to keep the “Fast Talking Car Salesman” at bay. However, as a car sales professional, you can break through those barriers. Earn their respect, and even get them to bare their soul. It’s what professional car salespeople do to make a good living.

 Engage Their Emotions and Sell More Cars

If you are not doing everything in your power to engage your customer’s emotions, you are missing the boat. Emotions allow customers to be switched, and more than 80% of car buyers buy something different than what they intended when they first came to the dealership to buy a car. Its pretty evident that buying a car is so much more than a straight business transaction.

We have all sold cars to people that don’t use their emotions to buy, and they won’t be switched. Therefore they won’t accept something other than what they came for (unless they are getting something for nothing). Then and much more often than not, your commission is, at best, a “Mini.” These buyers will never go away, but fortunately, they usually don’t total more than 10% of our customers.

Emotions Sell Cars Period

The good news is that even the Fresh Ups and Internet Customers that walk through the door with their stacks of quotes and emails can still pay you some very nice car sales commissions. I see it every week. People that shopped several dealers for the best price come in to buy a specific car. They get switched by a salesperson who knows how to get their customers’ juices flowing. Just my point, emotions and selling cars.

Then a car sales professional switch them, and they buy something different than what they came to buy. hey change trim levels, models, and factory-installed accessories, and now their quotes don’t line up with the car they want to buy. They work in the dark, but you will help them because you are a professional. You will make them feel good about buying something they want rather than settling for something they thought they wanted.

 Emotions Pay Bigger Car Sales Commissions

You will do this by engaging their emotional side. Remember the old saying “ The feel of the wheel seals the deal” or “Enthusiasm sells cars”? They are old sayings that are still around today because they’re true. The feel of the wheel is an emotion, the new car smell can be an emotional trigger. Plus the Test Drive is one of the best times to engage their emotions.

Who wants to drive home in their old car when they could be driving in a brand new car they want? How will they feel when you use your product knowledge to demonstrate and tell them how much safer their family will be in this new vehicle? They will feel better learning that the new car gets 35% better gas mileage. How will they feel knowing they won’t have to spend money on tires, batteries, and repairs for many years? Won’t they feel great knowing they are working with a valid car sales professional who will be there for them before, during, and after the sale?

Hot Buttons are Emotions for Selling Cars

Discover their Hot Buttons, listen to what they say, and get them to see, feel, smell, hear, imagine, visualize, and sense how great it will be to get into a car they want every day rather than one they were going to settle on. Engage the car buyer’s emotions; you will sell more cars and make more significant car sales commissions.

It’s not uncommon for the customer that comes in with a hand full of quotes and emails to leave with a new car and pay a $1000, $2000, or even $3000 front-end gross.  Help them use their emotions to purchase a vehicle. It’s happening every single day at dealerships across the country.

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