Product Knowledge and Car Sales

Product knowledge is a term that’s used regularly when we talk about being a car salesman. Everyone says you need to know your product to sell it, but how far do you go, how much do you need to know. Lets take a look at the pros and cons of product knowledge for selling cars.

If you are currently selling new cars at a dealership you are probably required to take online training courses and or attend manufacturer-training meetings. These seminars are great for acquiring product knowledge and tips, but they are usually limited and provide little more than the basics. The required automaker product training is really just the beginning.

However the big question is whether or not you need product training to sell a car. The quick and easy answer is no you don’t. I have seen plenty of people sell cars (not many) with next to nothing when it comes to product knowledge, but how many more cars would they sell each month if they had extensive product knowledge?

Car Sales Success and Product Knowledge Pros

What makes one car salesman stand out from another? It might be looks, personality or the way they dress, but if you are about to spend $25,000 and had some questions about the car you are thinking about buying you are going to want the car salesman that has product knowledge. The customer wants answers and you need to provide those answers.

Sometimes the customer is doing little more than testing the salesperson to see if the know their product and to see if they lie or BS their way through the sales process. Many customers know more than their car salesman today. The Internet may be the scapegoat, but the real truth is that the average car salesman today has very little product knowledge beyond the basics.

If you were about to make a major purchase would you want someone that was bumbling and giving you a load of BS about the item you were thinking about purchasing or would you want a salesman that knew their product inside and out. You don’t have to answer that because it’s obvious.

Not only would you want a knowledgeable person assisting you, you would also be very impressed if they were knowledgeable about their competitors. If they could give you factual information, specs and details on why their product is better than their competitors. Not bad mouthing or your personal opinion about a product, but cold hard facts that can be verified by a third party. You would be pretty impressed wouldn’t you, but would you be impressed enough to give your business to the knowledgeable salesman or saleswoman? Not in all cases, but in most cases yes you would.

Product Knowledge Pros for Closing Car Sales

When people buy cars they need to feel they are making the right decision. When they are not sure they hesitate, they will tell you that they have to think about it, they will tell you that they will be back and anything else they can think of to put you off. It’s because they are not sure that they are making the right decision to buy a car from you now.

Most car salesmen are afraid to ask their customers if they are considering another make. They are afraid that they may have to compete or defend their product and without adequate product knowledge it can’t be done without sounding like an idiot.

Don’t worry though because the car salesman at the competing dealership probably has very little product knowledge and they won’t want to ask their customer either if they are considering other brands. So now it boils down to price and luck.

It’s not always about price, but when it is it’s because there wasn’t a car salesman with the adequate product knowledge to sell the value of their automobile, themselves and the dealership and close the sale.

Product knowledge is what you need to close more sales and sell more cars. If you had adequate product knowledge of your vehicles and your closest competitors you could overcome more objections. You would be confident enough about your product to ask your potential car buyer if they are considering other brands and put their objections and reservations to rest.Car Sales and product Knowledge

You can show your customer why they should buy a car from you now because it’s only logical and sensible option. When the car salesman has the information, the answers and the reasons for buying a car from them they close more sales. Knowledge is power and product knowledge closes sales and sells more cars.

Cons to Product Knowledge for Selling Cars

I looked far and wide for some cons to having product knowledge of the vehicles that you sell to make a living, but I couldn’t find any. Sure it takes time, work and energy to acquire that knowledge, but it’s what you do to pay the bills. It’s how you earn money to feed your family and put a roof over your head. Sure it’s a personal choice, but if you want to make a six-figure income selling cars you have to put in the work. Remember product knowledge will set you apart from the crowd and your competitors, which will ultimately increase your salary.

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot

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