weak car salesman
Several years ago only a small percentage of the customers entering your showroom walked in with a price quote, but today just the opposite is true. The Internet has changed everything when it comes to selling cars, but that doesn’t mean that we have to become clerks rather than salespeople. I have noticed that way too many salespeople shut down when their customer tells them they have a price quote. They focus on the car count and forget about the selling which is the sign of a weak car salesman.

Are you guilty of the above scenario? Have you become a weak car salesman? Just because you get a customer in front of you that has a quote from another dealer it doesn’t mean you are done, it means it’s time to get to work. Remember your job is sales not clerk. So first of all why are they at your dealership if they have a quote from your competitor? Are they trying to keep you honest, have they already been to this other dealership and the car was loaded with accessories, do they want a different color or are the other dealerships hours away and they would rather buy in the area? All of these reasons could be why they are in your dealership plus other possible scenarios.

There is always a reason and you need to find out what the reason is unless you’re weak car salesman. Not all customers, but most of them will pay more if you can determine and satisfy that need or want. When a customer believes they are working with a professional that is knowledgeable, reputable and believable they can be sold. I am not saying that you will bump them thousands of dollars, but they will pay more unless they feel that they are being lied to, disrespected or working with a salesperson that just doesn’t care.

The Weak Car Salesman Has to Go

You job doesn’t change when the car buyer has competing quotes. You still need to complete the steps to the sale, spend time with them, build rapport and earn their trust. You need to sell, you need to demonstrate, suggest and show them other possibilities that can fill their needs and wants. When they decide on something different the quote is no longer valid and you are in the drivers seat. Don’t forget about the extras too like paint protection, fabric protection, accessories and all the other things that increase your commission. If you short cut the steps and do your best to get it delivered in a hurry you are missing out on potential income which makes you a weak car salesman. weak car salesperson

When you complete the steps and spend time with your potential car buyer you have a much better chance of finding out the real reason they are at your dealership. Once you determine the reason you need to focus on that reason no matter what it is and use that reason when closing the sale. Will they pay more for vehicle availability, color choice, dealership location, service department or something else? Many times they will, but if you don’t do your job because you are a weak car salesman you lose. If you are happy earning “Mini Deals” all month long never mind, but if you want to make more money selling cars start selling and stop being a clerk. Remember, two people meet and one gets sold, will you be the one that gets sold or your customer.

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot,

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