I know that you know the answer to that question, but many car sales people tend to forget. People come to car dealerships to buy cars! Who in their right mind would spend a couple hours at the dealership if they didn’t want to buy a car? From day one the sales manager has been telling you this, but some salesmen and saleswoman have a problem remembering that fact. If you are not one of those sales people commend you.

Why Go to Car Dealership?We put so much emphasis on “Buying Today” that the minute the customers says “we are not buying today, but doing research” the salesman turns into a different person. They are no longer attentive and enthusiastic, instead they turn into a lethargic drone that takes the customer through the steps of the sale as quickly as possible so they can get back to standing around and complaining about the lack of showroom traffic. Would you buy a car from a car salesman drone that wasn’t enthusiastic about their product and their dealership?

Of course making the sale today is important, but if you absolutely can’t sell them today providing them with an exceptional and informative experience at your dealership can make them change their mind. There are many, many people that have come into dealerships that said they are not buying today that have left with a new car. Their enthusiastic and knowledgeable car salesperson and their exceptional experience was all the research they needed to change their mind and buy a car today.

People Do Car Dealership Research and Then Visit

It is said that over 90% of car buyers today spend some time on the Internet researching cars before they go to the dealership. They are looking at brands, makes, models, trim levels, colors and incentives so by time they make it to the showroom floor they have a pretty good idea of what they want (not that they won’t change their mind because they will). With that said the research they are doing might well be where to buy and not what to buy.

How many times have you gone into a store to make a major purchase and did not make a that purchase because of the salesperson. We have all done it, we felt like we were putting out the salesperson and that they did not deserve our business so we left only to go to their competitor and buy the item we wanted. It works the same way in the car business.

People go to car dealerships to buy cars and you can make the customer feel like they are taking away from your complaining time or you can make that customer feel like they own the place. I can guarantee that you will sell more cars when the customer feels special and important. Help them do their research and give them all the reasons why they should buy a car from you and the dealership whether they are buying today or not and chances are they will leave with a new car. Every time you take a Fresh Up remember why people go to car dealerships.

Later, fresh Up on the Lot


Once They Are There All You Have to Do Is Sell Them – Car Salesman Book


KB · March 21 at 7:25 am

Hi Ritchie,

Not too much you can do.

Did you give them a good reason to give you their contact information?
Was there something in it for them?

Ritchie · March 20 at 2:21 pm

How do you follow up if they do not want to give you their contact information?

KB · March 14 at 7:27 am

Hi Dan,

And when they don’t buy NOW, follow-up, follow-up and follow-up.


Dan Armor · March 8 at 2:43 pm

I agree… we all want them to buy now, but some just won’t so you might as well leave them with a good impression… VALUE of doing business with you.

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