It happens all the time, car sales closing too soon can make a car deal go sideways before you know what happened. It happens to everybody that sell cars for a living now and then. Even the good car salesman can get thrown off by that certain hard to read type of customer.

Timing is Critical When Closing Car Sales

You are quickly moving right along through the steps of the sale and everything is going smoothly because your customer is following every instruction. Things are moving pretty fast, but your car buyer seems to be agreeable, their head is nodding yes after all your sentences, the walk-around and the test drive and you are thinking this is going to be an easy commission. Then you try to close the car sale and your customer looks at you like you like you put a ski cap on and pulled a gun on them.

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You spooked them and they are like an animal caught in a trap. Your car sales closing attempt snapped them back to reality and they are freaking out. You are asking yourself what happened. This scenario is much more common with a new or less experienced car salesman, but it still happens to even the most successful car salesman and saleswoman. Either they have been in their own fantasy world in their head or the timing of your car sales closing method was at the wrong time. Maybe you tried too close too soon or you moved along too fast and missed some of those questions and qualifying questions that need to be asked first.

Commitment Before Closing the Car Sale

Sometimes, when things move too quickly and seem too easy, the customer is not up to speed. After all you do this every day, all day, and your customer might buy a car every 3 to 7 years. You know the routine so well you are bored with it, but to your customer, everything is new. They may need time to soak it all up and have it register in their head before you start closing the car sale.

Before you start trying any car sales closes you need to get some commitment from your customer. Take some time, ask them some questions, get to know them better, and build some rapport. The more time you spend with them the more they will feel committed to you (this car salesman tip alone will make you more money). When you try to close the car deal after 20 minutes you might end up with the above scenario and it can be very hard to recover from a car deal that has gone sideways.

The Right Time for Closing Car Sales

Sometimes it is a hard call to make, should you invest an hour with them or are they wasting your time. If you find yourself asking that question, take a look around and see if your fellow salespeople are standing on the curb waiting for a fresh up or they are all working with potential car buyers. Usually, they are standing on the curb, so you might as well invest as much time as you need to turn them into a car buyer. Spend the time to get the verbal and non-verbal commitments you need before you try any car sales closing techniques.

Remember that no matter what car sales closing technique you use (and there are many), you are just trying to agree with two parties: the car salesman and the car buyer. The sales closing technique is not as important as the timing. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure that I have used all of the car sales closing techniques at one time or another, but the right or wrong close at the wrong time can cause you to lose the deal and your car salesman commission. If your goal is to be a better car salesman and make a six-figure car salesman income, timing is critical. More on car sales techniques so you can be a great car salesman or car saleswoman.

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KB · March 22 at 7:32 am

Thanks Edward

Edward Marculewicz · March 21 at 5:37 pm

Good stuff, timing is certainly critical, as Joe Verde says closing is a process and you will know where you are in the sales process by the responses you receive. I remember a sales manager saying you need to cover the essentials to sell a car- selection and commitment. Work toward the first and then work on the second. People will tell you they are not ready but if we work our craft properly we will get them to make a decision.

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