Who really wants to call a customer after you sold them a car? Nobody and that is why I think car sales follow up is the most neglected parts of being a car salesman. You sold them a car and they are gone, so why mess with a good thing. They buyer is not complaining and you will probably have your commission by next Friday. Done deal lets sell some more cars.

Those are the thoughts of many car sales people when it comes to doing follow up on car sales. Many new car dealers have made basic follow up a part of the sale and don’t pay commissions until the initial customer satisfaction calls are made and a sales manager has confirmed they were made. Typically the reason is for C.S.I. (Customer Satisfaction Index) because the car makers have made customer satisfaction a priority and they use the dealers score to lean on the dealer when they see fit. I won’t go into the C.S.I. speech here because I am sure you have heard it before.

Car Sales Follow Up for the Salesman

The real reason for this post is to give you some of the reasons why you want to perform your car sales follow up. Believe it or not there are several reasons to stay connected with your customers after they buy a car besides getting your commission and keeping management off your back. You are selling cars to make money and a good system for staying in touch with your past customers can make you money down the road.

If you plan on being a Car Sales Professional rather than bouncing from dealer to dealer you need to start thinking long term. The longer you stay at one dealership and follow up your car sales customers the more money you will make from referrals and repeats customers. I know you are concerned about today, but time creeps up on you very fast and after a while you will wish you had past customers and referrals walking into the showroom asking for you.

When we take a customer through the steps of the sale we spend time with them, give them information, take them for a demo drive and give them a tour of the dealership so they feel indebted to us and hopefully obligated to buy a car. The same thing goes for good car sales follow up. When you keep in touch with your customers by calling them, showing them that you are concerned about their satisfaction, send them a Birthday card or letter, send an anniversary card or letter, let them know about sales and let them know about service specials they are happy to recommend you to friends, neighbors and co-workers.

Good auto sales follow up pays you in many ways, but it is a process. You don’t need to pass on Fresh Ups. You can use your downtime to do a little well planned daily follow up that will reap rewards again and again. Think long term and you will sell more cars or at least add a few cars a month to your sales and more importantly your commission.

I am putting together a step by step car sales follow up system, worksheet, log and schedule that I use to sell referrals and repeat customers every month. I love selling repeat car buyers because they are so much easier and are usually more profitable than a Fresh Up. Make sure you add your name and email for car sales tips to get a heads up when the system is available.

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot


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KB · March 16 at 7:10 am

Still working on it.

Thanks for asking.

Ethan · March 11 at 12:35 am

Hey, I was just wondering if your system for keeping track of follow ups is available yet?

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