This car salesman tip is about asking questions so you can quickly gather information and build rapport. Most car sales training will tell you that the best way to gather information is to ask your car buyer questions. Hold on a minute though, I am not saying you need to start asking questions as soon as you start with the meet and greet. Being a car salesman means that you need to perfect the art of gathering information from your car buyer in a way that will not offend or turn off your customer and then you will be on your way to a six figure income.

Asking Questions Carefully A Car Salesman Tip

Most car sales training will cover asking questions of your car buyer, but they usually don’t spend too much time on the subject and that is why this car salesman tip is important. Very often you will see a Green Pea that starts firing one question after another and before you know it the customer is asking for their ticket to leave and promising they will be back. (you know they won’t)

There are some questions that the car buying customer is happy to answer; like what model they are looking for, what trim level and what type of options. They are usually open to what type of driving they do and how many miles they put on per year and general usage questions. When you get to the trade-in, price range, payment budget, pay-off amount on trade-in and credit rating you could be walking into a mine field. Asking questions of those types at the wrong time will very often put your customer on the defensive. A defensive customer is very hard to sell and can take the fun out of a car sales career.

Asking Questions – Assume The Best Car Salesman Tip

Throughout the car buying process you should be asking questions and gathering information. When you carefully ask questions and spread them out through the entire process your customer will not feel any pressure or if done properly they will tell you the answers before you ask the questions. When it comes to the point where you have to start asking those mine field questions, ask them in a way that compliments the customer and assumes the best condition for the car buyer.

For example; if you need to ask them about their credit, you would say “with your good credit I am sure we can get a reasonable payment” . When you approach the subject in this way you will most often get a honest response. They will usually say “yes, I have good credit” or they might say “my credit is not great”. Either way they opened the credit discussion and you did not offend them, from there you are free to ask credit questions without putting them on the defensive. Use the same method assuming the best for other touchy questions and you will be the good guy and not the prying car salesman. This tip of the car salesman tips of asking questions properly can be a great boost to your car sales career and have a positive impact on your car salesman income.

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