When you first become a car salesman your car sales training will probably cover something called “Car Buying Hot Buttons“. Your car buying customer will have specific things that are important to them when they are buying a car. These things could be safety, fuel economy, reliability, payment, getting a good deal, features and options of the car or anything that is personally important to them. These things are the car buying hot buttons. You as the sales person are supposed to determine what these things are and the keep your customer focused on these items. Then you “push” the car buyers hot buttons by talking and focusing on these items.

The Car Buying Hot Buttons

Sounds simple and logical, but selling cars for a living is much more than being logical. The auto sales professional understands that getting into their head is how you make the real money. When you can connect with the car buyer and learn all of their car buying hot buttons you are much closer to selling them a car. The problem is that car buying hot buttons are emotional and most people try to hide their emotions when they purchase a car. They keep them a secret for various reasons. Some car buyers are afraid of being take advantage of, some are embarrassed and some try to be logical and sensible.

Finding the Car Buying Hot Buttons

Finding your customer’s car buying hot buttons are not always an easy task. Very often the difference between the Newbie or Green Pea and the top sales people is the ability to find ALL of the car buyer’s hot buttons. I have seen it more times than I can remember where a Newbie is pushing the car buyer’s hot button of having a blue car, but is not aware of the hot button of wanting a sun roof. Then they get them at their desk and start grinding this customer to buy the car and all they do is create a “Be Back”. I took the turn and after 10 minutes I sold them a blue car with a sun roof.

This customer was hiding their car buying hot buttons of wanting a sun roof because they thought that they were asking for too much or being frivolous. They were embarrassed to bring up the sun roof desire and the Newbie didn’t drag it out of them. It wasn’t logical for the car buyer to hold back this desire, but everyone is different. That is the real key to car buying hot buttons, everyone is different. If you are trying to work with a car buyer using logic you will probably lose. Your logic is not their logic.

The Real Car Buying Hot Buttons

The example I gave above is quite simple and not one that most car salesmen would miss, but it was an actual example. My point of this car salesman tip is that every single car buyer is different. The car buying hot buttons are different for every single buyer, some have one or two hot buttons and some may have a dozen. Your job of being a car salesman is to find ALL the hot buttons and sell a car. Your car salesman income will increase when your ability to find ALL of the car buying hot buttons increases.

Car Salesman Tip: Car buyers buy cars based on emotion, yes even the mooches and geeks buy cars with emotion. I will cover this subject of emotion and buying cars in a future post.

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Find the Car Buying Hot Buttons

Find the Car Buying Hot Buttons

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