If you are selling cars for a living you have probably heard the phrase; “the customer’s ticket to leave”. That phrase refers to your business card. This car salesman tip refers to a potential car buying customer that will ask for your business card where they are getting ready to make their get away or tell you that they will be back. The average car customer thinks that asking for and getting your business card is the second best thing to buying a car from you. You know differently, but that is what most customers believe. You didn’t become a car salesman to hand out business cards.

Car Salesman Tip: Put Your Cards Away

Ticket to Leave Car Salesman Tip

Ticket to Leave Car Salesman Tip

This car salesman tip says that you should keep your business cards in your desk drawer and out of sight. We all know that we go through a meet and greet, walk around, test drive, rapport building and a service walk to make them feel obligated to you and not run off during your presentation and negotiations. When you leave your business card out on your desk they can grab your card at anytime during negotiations and promised you they will “Be Back”. Yes, the dreaded “Be Back”, we all know how that works. Remember the last time that the “Be Back Bus” was at your car dealership, I will cover that in one of the future car salesman tips.

Car Salesman Tip: Don’t Give Up Your Card

I have have sold many cars to people that have asked for my business card or ticket to leave several times throughout the process. This car salesman tip alone should increase you car salesman income all by it’s self. It might not add several cars a month, but it will make a substantial difference over the course of a year.

When a customer asks for your business card tell them that you ran out and that you will have to go to the office and get some more. If you absolutely need to give them a business card or ticket to leave, get up and go to the desk to clue them in and let a manager or a different car salesman take the turn. Sometimes it may just be a personality clash or they don’t feel that they are getting anywhere with you but don’t want to ask for a manager. This car salesman tip says that a manager close is better than no close. Depending on your car dealership’s process you may have to split a commission, but 1/2 is better than none. Half a commission will add to your car salesman income in the long run.

There will be times that you will hand out your business card or ticket to leave, but don’t make it too easy for them to feel that it is OK to leave without buying a car. These car salesman tips are here to help you increase your car salesman income overall and this tip alone will make a difference in your annual income.

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