closing the sale

Closing the sale is where it gets real. You can do walkarounds and go for test drives, but if you don’t seal the deal, it doesn’t matter. So what makes some people strong closers where others miss the mark? Why can’t one salesperson close the sale and the next one or a manager can?

Did you ever have a sales manager or even another salesperson come behind you and close the sale without dropping the price? You can understand when the sales manager talks to customers and closes the sale by cutting the price. But often there is more to it than simply giving up a few bucks. Besides the obvious reasons for not being able to close the sale like bad credit and too upside down to bury.

Closing the Sale Requirements

Every customer has requirements for closing the sale. That’s right in order to close the deal you need to have the right parts and pieces for that particular customer. All of your customers require something a little different. Many salespeople today like to say it’s the price, but we know that’s not always true.

For example, the “Get Me Done” car buyer needs to get financed and not much else. Or the $200 a month buyer is all about the payment. These examples are oversimplified, but you get the idea. It doesn’t take much to close these customers if you can get them financed or hit their payment. But most car buyers today need much more when it comes to closing the sale.

Selection for Closing the Sale

The most basic requirement for closing the sale is the selection. It sounds obvious, but I can’t tell you how many deals I have closed simply by changing cars. I am not talking about different model cars or new or used switches. I am talking about colors, options, and trim levels.

When I took the turn, I started asking questions. I wanted to know if they liked the car and the features. Then I asked about the color and they said it was nice. By reading the customer, I sensed it wasn’t exactly what they wanted. So after a few more questions about the color, I switched cars and closed the deal. I had a similar experience with another customer when I discovered they always wanted a car with a sunroof. I switched out trim levels, and the deal was closed. In both cases, the car salesman was sure that was the car they wanted to take home today.

You will not close the sale if you don’t have them in the right car. I know it sounds crazy, but I still see it regularly. Grinding a customer to buy a car they don’t really want is a waste of time. Then the customer says they will be back or give some other lame excuse. Just a sales tip, get the selection right first and closing will be much easier.

Closing the Sale Demands Credibility

To give you another example; I took a customer that the salesperson couldn’t close and said everything the salesperson said and closed the deal. I didn’t change a thing. I didn’t talk them into buying a car. I simply confirmed everything the first salesperson said. Now two people have told them the exact same thing and it was believable.

The difference was that the first salesperson wasn’t believable for some reason. Sometimes it’s the lack of product knowledge that makes the customer hold back. Maybe it’s a personality conflict or a comment by the salesman taken the wrong way. Maybe they felt that the salesperson wasn’t listening to them. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to lose credibility.

Being confident and looking your customer in the eye when you talk to them creates credibility. Even those situations where you don’t know the answer be honest with them and tell them you will find out. Giving them the wrong answer when they know the right answer will kill your ability to close the sale every time. The more credible you are as a salesperson the more deals you will close.

Value Closes Sales

When we talk about selling new cars today we hear less and less about value. The Internet has made our new cars nothing more than a commodity. Therefore it’s very important for us to create value. According to recent research, it has been said that over 64% of car buyers based their decision to purchase on their car salesperson. They felt that their salesperson brought value to the purchase and the experience. Most people want to go to a dealership that they feel they can trust and that starts with the salesperson. Of course, the dealership needs to create value also, but practically all dealerships offer the same amenities. Therefore a relationship with a salesman or a service writer creates value for today and in the future.

Closing the sale requires the right mix for your customer. Make sure you know your product, be a credible source for your customer and select the right vehicle. Make sure you fill these basic requirements and you will close more sales.

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot