The Internet Sales Manager Hook for Selling Cars

Do you work your Internet leads like 95% of the car dealerships with an Internet Department today? More importantly, do you have an Internet Sales Manager hook? Do your emails get opened and get read, or do they get deleted? Are your leads responding to your emails? Do your emails give the potential car buyer a reason to respond, set an appointment, or visit your dealership?

Internet Sales ManagerI have read more emails from ISMs over the years than I could count, most of which are the same old thing. Three or four paragraphs of blah, blah, blah. They look like the old templates used in Internet car sales many years ago. The same old tired and bland email templates. They look like they don’t care and are automated all too often. I am not talking about auto-responders. I’m talking about emails sent to prospective car buyers considering you and your dealership as the place to purchase their next vehicle. Most emails don’t have an Internet sales manager hook. A reason why they should choose you and your dealership over the five or ten other dealers that are calling and emailing.

Get More Responses with Internet Sales Manager Hooks

The Internet Sales Manager or ISM hook makes you stand out. Look at the emails you send daily and compare them to what other dealers send. Is there anything in your emails that is exciting, appealing, tempting, or informative? Probably not, but you can change that, make more appointments, and sell more cars. The customer is at your dealership when you sell cars on the showroom floor.

But when working with Internet leads, you prioritize getting them in the door. This is very different for someone selling cars on the showroom floor for years. The customer is in control, and you can’t read their body language, look them in the eye or get a feel for what is happening in their head.

Get Them In The Door

So your primary focus is to get them to visit you and your dealership before you sell them the car. Sell the appointment, and you can use your car salesman skills to sell the car when they get there. Some dealers use price to get their customers in the door by quoting new cars several hundred behind net (Internet Sales Manager hook), but when the customer gets there, they slip in the extras and often lose the customer.

Other dealers sell themselves and the dealership by promising to meet or beat any quote from another dealership without giving a price. Then there are dealers and Internet Sales Managers that build a relationship through email and eventually get to talk to the customers on the phone.

Whatever method you and your dealership use to get car buyers in the showroom is your choice. Whatever it is, you need a hook to get you and the dealership noticed. So you can stand out and make the prospective car buyer want to visit.

Possible Internet Sales Manager Hooks:

  • Lowest Price
  • Meet or Beat any Competitor’s Price
  • Dealership Awards
  • Membership in Dealer or Business Associations
  • Dealership History- Years in Business, Staff Experience, etc.
  • Sales and Service CSI Scores
  • Dealership Community Involvement
  • Dealership Charity Participation
  • Third-Party Website Reviews
  • Printed Dealer Testimonials
  • Video Customer Testimonials
  • Glowing Dealer Reviews
  • Video Introductions or Meet and Greet
  • Video Walk-Arounds
  • Dealer Giveaways – Like Oil Changes, Warranties, or Floor Mats
  • Dealership Services – Like Extended Service or Weekend Hours
  • Pictures of Happy Customers
  • Low-Interest Rates
  • Unrealistic Trade-In Values

This is a good list to start regarding having an Internet Sales Manager hook for getting Internet leads to visit your dealership. Obviously, you can’t use every one of them simultaneously, but you need to stand back and objectively look at the emails you are sending prospective car buyers. Perhaps you want to compete on the price alone and keep quoting new cars hundreds of dollars under the dealer net. Send your customers an email that stands out, looks different, and gives them something other dealers don’t. Give them a reason to respond, call and set an appointment so you can sell them a car and make a respectable commission. This car sales tip alone will increase your responses, appointments, and sales.

Later, Fresh Lead in the CRM


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