Being a successful car salesman requires many attributes, but there is a very common saying when it comes to selling cars for a living that most people don’t think about very much. That saying is: “Sell yourself, the car and the dealership. I am sure you’ve all heard that from time to time, but its typically more common when we talk about newbies and car sales training. However there is much more to this saying than a simple chant for training green peas.

Be Successfull Car Salesman

I thought it was time to address the subject because it’s rarely discussed after basic training. However the successful car salesman understands the concept and uses it on a daily basis to sell more cars. Its just good car salesman techniques, the real subject is credibility and it’s about more that just being a car salesman that customers believe when you talk. Granted it’s important that the potential car buyer feels that you understand them and care about their wants, needs and budget concerns, but that’s only one piece of the puzzle.

Successful Car Salesmen and Credibility Sells Cars

When you as a consumer are contemplating a major purchase I am sure you want to make sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck. You want to be sure you’re getting a good product at the right price that that will fill your wants and needs. Plus you want to feel that the person helping you complete the transaction knows what they are talking about. Not to mention the fact that you want to feel that the business where you are making the purchase is reputable and will be there for you if there are any problems after the purchase. Most consumers do want these things and car buyers aren’t any different which ultimately boils down to credibility. That means that the successful salesperson, the product and the business selling the product need to be credible.

A Successful Car Salesman Can Create Credibility

If you’re serious about being a successful car salesman you need to understand credibility and create credibility in every part of your communication with potential car buyers including face to face contact, on the phone, in email and on the Internet. However in this post I want to focus on face-to-face contact when you are in front of a customer. Lets face it selling cars professionally is all about competition and in order to really excel you must stand out from the crowd. You want your customer to feel like they are with the right car salesman and that they are at the right dealership that offers the right product. Ultimately that goes back to sell yourself, the car and the dealership.

Being a Successful Car Salesman Means Creating Credibility

The time you spend with a prospective car buyer allows you the time and the opportunity to make you, your product and your dealership stand out from the competition. However you need to do this intentionally because you are simply a competitor at this point until you make yourself, your car and the dealership the obvious choice for for purchasing their next automobile. Lets take a look and just a few of the ways that you can become the one to sell them a car today.


  • Credibility For the Successful Car Salesman: The customer needs to believe that you are the one. Your personal appearance, your knowledge, experience and ability to connect with them. Your ability to answer the questions they ask without going back to the desk or finding a brochure. Find common ground, people you both know, where you live etc. Talk about the cars you have sold to their friends, coworkers and neighbors. Talk about your customers that come back again and again because of the way your take care of them. Tell them stories about or show them pictures of some the people you have sold to that send you referrals. Third party proof that you are the best choice will instill credibility in new customers. People want to belong and fit in. With so many other people buying cars from you and sending you their referrals you must be the one.


  • Credibility of the Product: The customer has come to you because you have or represent the product they believe they want. But it’s up to you to reassure them that they are making the right choice. The Walk-Around and the Test Drive and designed to assure them of their choice or the opportunity to switch them to a different choice that fits their needs better. The successful car salesman takes advantage of this opportunity to sell them a vehicle that they really want and need rather than pushing them into a car they will regret later. This is where knowing your product and your competitor’s product will make you the obvious choice. Being able to quote some specifications, reviews and cost-to-own facts (from Edmunds) that put your product ahead of the competitors will make YOU and your product the obvious choice. You must believe in your product 100% or they will sense your doubt.


  • Credibility of the Dealership: Most car sales training programs cover walking through the Service Department as a way to build credibility in your dealership, but most salespeople are not fans of this step, but there is a reason. According to recent surveys from JD Power most customers are concerned about service after the sale even if it’s only about warranty. They want to be assured that the dealership can handle any problem that they may have in a prompt and professional manner. The successful car salesman will also mention and or show potential customers the dealership’s recent awards, community involvement, charitable endeavors and longevity. Remember your customer can choose any numbers of other dealers to purchase their car, but your dealership needs to be the obvious choice.


You Can Become More a Successful Car Salesman Too!Success in Car Sales

When you look at the big picture where selling cars is concerned credibility means everything. Price is always a major concern to consumers, but almost everybody is willing to pay a little bit more when there is credibility. The car salesman, the product and the dealership to needs to be on the same page. An obvious car sales tip; when you become the obvious choice you are going to sell more cars, earn more commission and ultimately be a successful car salesman.

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot

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