You can sell more cars but may need to make a few changes. You have developed habits if you have been selling vehicles for any time. I am not talking years and years, although it can be. You may only have been selling cars for a living for a few months or many years. We all do it; we develop habits and ways of doing what we do daily as car salespersons.

you can sell more cars

These habits may work for you and help you sell more cars. But are they helping? It is simply human nature. Once we start to sell vehicles, we adapt and change accordingly. We then use what we believe to be the proper way to sell cars. However, is it the best way to sell more cars? It only makes sense, right? You have sold vehicles by doing things your certain way, so it must be right.

Habits and Sell More Vehicles

But you want to sell more cars. That’s why you are reading this post. The question I have for you is, what about the cars you didn’t sell? The people you have worked with but didn’t close. What have you developed as a habit that may work against in those circumstances? That might be the case unless you have a 100% closing ratio.

What about the leads you have worked on or any phone calls you may have taken? Did you get all of them to come in and see you? If not, some things need to change so you can sell more cars.

Sell More Cars Changes

So what is it that you need to change? Here is where you need to do the work and objectively analyze what you do with your customers. It would be best if you replayed the conversation in your head. Replay your face-to-face talk, your phone call, email, or text. What was their reaction? Did you offend them? Did you come across as being pushy or rude? Were you able to connect with them? Did you build any rapport?

What might it be? I don’t know, but I can tell you it isn’t easy to get along or build rapport with everyone. However, our job is to be flexible and change our words, body language, and demeanor according to our current customers. Blaming the customer won’t help. Sometimes minor changes make the most significant difference.

Step back and think about everything you do to sell more cars. If you look closely, you will realize that some of those things are habits you do without even realizing you are doing them. Then, decide when to change or what routine needs to be tweaked. Losing your cool won’t help when you have those demanding customers. Bite your lip and remember. Please don’t get mad; get even by selling them a car.

Simple Things For Selling Cars

I should have discussed the obvious things you may need to change to sell more cars. Things like the way you dress. Are clothes clean and pressed? Do you need to shave? Do you look like a car sales professional? How is your breath? Did you have garlic for lunch? Are you a smoker and smell like one? The smell of smoke can put many people off when you have to work face-to-face. A whole host of car sales tips.

When it comes to being a car sales professional, you can always sell more cars. However, the little things can make a big difference in your commissions.

Later, Fresh Up On The Lot