You might want your customer to think that you are selling the perfect car, but you’re not. You are selling them an automobile and if it were perfect the dealership wouldn’t need you because people would stand in line to buy that car. So why does almost every car salesman try to convince their customers that they are selling the perfect car?

Selling the Perfect CarCar buyers aren’t stupid and they know that there is no such thing as the perfect car. So why are you trying to make them believe that you are selling something that doesn’t exist. Many if not most car salesmen try to make their customers think that they are selling the perfect car. Have you ever heard the saying “If its too good to be true, it probably is”? That saying is popular because it’s usually accurate and if you are trying to convince your customer otherwise you are going to lose credibility and possibly the sale. This is not the way to sell more cars despite what some salespeople believe.

Let Me Tell You About Selling the Perfect Car

Most car buyers have made their way to your dealership because they are interested or attracted to a vehicle you have for sale. Their attraction could be for any number of reasons. It could be the look and style of your car, the reliability, the safety rating or just the miles per gallon. Your job is to discover why they are interested in your particular car and focus on those reasons. Reinforce those reasons, understand those reasons and use those reasons to sell them that car, but you are not selling the perfect car so don’t even even try, because they know it’s not.

Everyone can find a downside or negative point or two about a new car they are thinking about purchasing its just human nature and justifiably so because you are not selling the perfect car . However if you are desperately trying to convince your customer that their minor issues are not valid and that your car is perfect you are going to hurt your chances of selling them a car. People will always find something negative about buying a new car. As long as the pros outweigh the cons you can sell them a car, but if you are trying to overcome every little negative thing they mention they might be asking for your business card very soon. You might be creating a Be-Back instead of a new car

Become your customer’s consultant (psychiatrist) rather than their car salesman and listen to their minor objections. People like to talk and be understood, but they don’t like to be proven wrong. Think about it from their point of view and understand them, agree with them and give them the positive side of the objection when possible. Remember, if you listen closely all customers will tell you how to sell them a car. The key word here is “listen” because you are not selling the perfect car.

Would you spend $20,000 or more on a new car with a person that just told you that you were wrong or told that your thoughts were without merit? However you might be more inclined to purchase a new car from the car salesman or sales consultant that understood your needs, valued your opinions and didn’t try to make everything about their car seem perfect when it’s not. When car salespeople try too hard to make their customer believe their car is more than it really is do more harm than good. This type of customer treatment can feed into the stereotype that we are trying so hard to avoid, the “Used Car Salesman”. A simple car sales tip: remember, even you sell Mercedes Benz you are not selling the perfect car and the customer knows it’s not perfect. So reinforce and sell them on the reasons that brought them to your dealership.

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot


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