Practically anyone can sell a car with a little training, but if you want become a successful car salesman it’s all about the details. We have all seen them come and go taking their turn at learning how become a car salesman. Unfortunately most of them decide there must be a better way and they leave for a job that provides them with a steady paycheck and an annual raise of a few percent a year if they are lucky. The sad part is that many of them could have learned how to be a good car salesman and with some effort and determination they could be earning a much larger car salesman salary.

Success in Car Sales

Everyone goes through the same car sales training program and they all spend their days on the lot talking to prospective car buyers, but only some of them rise above. How can that be when they all have practically the same experience at the dealership? How can one person be a successful car salesman and the others are average, mediocre, poor and some even move on to a different profession after a month or two? One answer is the details, that’s right the details.

You can be a successful car salesman

Regardless of the career path you may choose to pursue doing the job properly and completely is critical to your success and learning how to become a car salesman isn’t any different. Being a successful car salesman requires you to complete every step to the sale in a thorough manner from the meet and greet to the follow up after delivery. Each and every word, gesture, comment and facial expression should be planned and executed with the objective in mind. Of course selling the car is the ultimate goal, but the details are what really make the difference.

Details of the Successful Car Salesman

When I talk about the details and successful car salesman tips I am talking about everything that you do when you are with a customer. Follow along for a better idea of the details to which I am referring.

Meet and Greet: Do you present yourself well? Are you well dressed and have a neat appearance? Maybe you look like you just rolled out of bed and slept in your clothes. Are you smiling when you first meet your customers, speak in an enthusiastic manner, do you have bad breath or do you smell like an ashtray? Do you look like a successful car salesman? All of these things are the details and the details make a difference. If you want to make a six-figure car salesman income you should look like you already do. When it comes to buying car people want to believe they are dealing with a professional car salesman and not someone that could care less about satisfying their needs.

Vehicle Selection: Are you treating your customers with respect or trying to figure if they can finance before you go too far? Are you listening closely to your customer or are you trying to shove them into something like the car they drove to the dealership? Are you asking questions and learning about your buyer and their wants and needs? Are you in a hurry to move them along to the next car-buying step? The successful car salesman knows that customers will move at their own pace. They know that rushing customers and short-cutting the process is the quickest way to create a be-back or reduce your car sales commission even if you happen to make a deal.

Test Drive: Are you in a hurry to get through the test drive? Are pointing out the features and benefits with enthusiasm? Are you providing your customer with some quiet time so they can imagine owning the car? Are you monitoring their comfort level, their reactions and their comments? Are you gathering the information you need to help close the sale or are you thinking about what you are going to do after work? All of these details are important to being the most successful salesman. Separately they don’t seem very essential, but when you add them up they can make a big difference in your commissions and salary.

Negotiation and Closing the Sale: This is the pinnacle of selling cars professionally. Assuming we are on the right car, this is when you use all of the information and details that you have learned about your customer. Of course we would all like to close the sale on the first pencil, but that’s very rare. We must take every thing they have said and implied throughout the car sales steps and use it to make the sale. The standard good car salesman techniques are great, but when you tailor your closing techniques and statements with everything you have learned about your customer you will have all the tools you need to sell a car and be a successful car salesman.

Delivery: The used or new car delivery is the last personal contact at the dealership so you should make sure it’s a memorable and remarkable experience. Even if you had some rough spots during the sales process the delivery provides you with the last chance to make the time they spent with you a positive experience. Make sure the car is perfect and that everything you promised is included, covered and handled before they leave. A successful car salesman makes sure that all the details are handled because loose ends do not make for happy customers.

The Successful Car Salesman Difference

Details make the difference no matter what you are doing for a living. Taking care of the details demonstrate your level of commitment and sense of pride. YourProfessional car salesman customer can see and feel much more than you realize. Very often customers leave without buying a car because something doesn’t feel right. More often than not they are not even sure what it is, but they get a feeling that keeps them from pulling the trigger and you lose a sale. When you have a positive attitude, engage your customers enthusiastically and cover all the details you will be a successful car salesman.

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot



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