Are you waiting for the perfect up? Is there such a thing as the perfect up? Some would say that the customer that wants to buy a car today is the perfect up and others would sat that the lay down (Larry Doyle or Linda Doyle) is the perfect customer. The car business is different than it was a few years ago when selling cars was like shooting fish in a barrel because the higher levels of showroom floor traffic, but things have changed and the Perfect Up is a bit different today.

Is There Really a Perfect Up

Perfect Up

I decided to write this post because the other day I heard a salesperson on the floor saying that they had a Fresh Up that was looking for a used pick-up truck for around $6,000 and he was complaining that the BDC told the customer that we had a few in his price range, but we only had one that was listed for six grand and one that listed for $10,000. He bitched, moaned and complained and before you know what happened the customer left and went down the street to another dealership.

It just happens that I know some of the people at the other store and the customer ended up buying a used pick-up at that dealer that listed for $6, 995 and paid $6,500 +++.  It was a cash deal so there wasn’t any back end and they only had $2,700 in the truck. The net result is that the deal grossed $3,800. Back out the pack of $500 and the salesman got paid a commission on $3300 @30%. They picked up $990 and it didn’t take very long. The customer was buying a used vehicle as a work truck and he wasn’t picky, no warranty, no C.S.I. surveys just a quick deal. Is that a Perfect Up or what? The car salesman that broomed him off the lot didn’t think so.

Perfect Ups Come in all Shapes and Sizes

My point is that you just don’t know what that Fresh Up you have standing in front of you is worth until you go to work. Not by asking a few quick questions and deciding if they are worth the effort, but by showing them some cars or trucks and earning their trust and breaking down their defenses. We have all sold people cars that were listed for much more money than they wanted to spend so why would we try to qualify someone in a matter of minutes. Car salesmen and car saleswomen are doing it all the time and they are the same ones that are complaining about the lack of lot traffic.

You could get a Fresh Up that wants to buy a new car, you could spend half a day with them and only get paid a “Mini” and then you still have to follow up for C.S.I. So why would the guy in the example above want to complain about a customer that is looking for a cheap used vehicle that wants to buy today? Who knows, but it is happening all over the country at dealerships everywhere. Are you like the guy above just waiting for the Perfect Up or are you making the most out of every customer that steps foot on your lot. Remember, “Buyers are Liars” until they find the car or truck that trips their trigger.

When a customer comes to your lot it is because they want to buy a car. They are not looking to waste a few hours they want a car. The Perfect Up is the customer that is in front of you. You are the difference and if you don’t sell them a car they will go down the street and find a car salesman that will.

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot


Did you get the book yet, did you read it?

You can sell more car and make more money, but you have to close more sales.


KB · August 16 at 7:57 am

Thanks Jerry

Jerry · August 13 at 7:29 am

Hi Daryl, Are you still out there? The most golden opportunity to close a deal is to sell the product and then the dealership. I’ve hear over and over again, we do not listen to the customer. I had a customer who wasn’t interested in a dark color vehicle but wanted light color interior. But the vehicle they pick from the lot was dark blue with light interior. The customer thought in order to get a light interior they needed to buy a dark exterior vehicle. Lo and behold , I found a lighter color exterior with a light color interior and the customer was pleased with that selection more than what they first selected. Knowing your inventory and knowing the product can help you close easier than just the price.

KB · January 11 at 2:02 pm

Hi Daryl,

At least you know what area you need to refine.
When you present numbers make sure you are enthusiastic and you act as though the numbers are exactly what they want.
Don’t let them get in your head. Everybody wants lower numbers, but you have sell them on the price or payment.
Practice will help, keep up the good work.


daryl · January 8 at 4:56 pm

I am a greenie in car sales business, 2.5 months. My product knowledge is good, and I am able to sell a customer on the vehicle of their choice. Unfortunately, I am losing deals at my desk presenting the numbers.

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