Have your considered being a car salesman? There are a lot of misconceptions, lies, opinions and rumors about being a car salesman, but the negatives ones that I have heard and tracked down usually come from people that could not live on their car salesman income, in other words they couldn’t sell cars. This is not very unusual because there are many people that enter and leave a career in car sales every year for various reasons.

I have sold cars to many people that would tell me that they sold cars before and when I ask them more about their car sales career I find out that they had a hard time making a consistent income. I am not talking about these people, stories and rumors to scare anyone from being a car salesman or car saleswoman. In fact I am a big fan of a career in car sales. I think it is one of the best ways to make a six figure income and have some fun at the same time.

Being A Car Salesman or Car Sales Woman – You Can Too!car-saleswoman

Many people could sell cars for a living and do quite well if they understood the car business better and that is one of the reasons our blog Car Sales Professional. Many people think that in being a car salesman means that you need to have the “Gift of Gab” or to be a very social and talkative person. That is not the case when it comes to selling cars. In many cases new sales people that talk too much will very often talk themselves out of a sale before they knew what happened. Talking is a very small part of the overall communication between the car salesman and the customer.

Being a car salesperson does not require any specialized skills, it just requires you to have an open mind and be willing to learn the car business. Any car dealership that you sell for will have a car sales training system that they use because it works for them. Follow their car sales training system, pay close attention to everything, watch the top sales people and read our car salesman tips.

Being a Car Salesperson is Not for Everyone

You will find that car sales career is not for just anybody, it takes a certain type of person to be a successful car salesman. One thing that scares most people away from being a car salesman is way that the sales person gets compensated. To many people the idea of getting paid a commission for their sales results is just too scary for them. They want to know exactly what they are getting paid each week. Sure it would be nice to receive a fixed amount each week or month, but if worked a little harder and closed an extra sale or two every month you might be able to to earn an extra $1000 or more in addition to your car salesman salary each month. You see exactly by visiting “How Much Money Do Car Salesman Make” by Clicking Here.

Being a car salesman gives you the ability to control the amount car salesman income you receive and that is my favorite part. Working a little harder as an automobile salesman doesn’t require much, maybe a couple more phone calls or a couple more ups each week and you have the potential to earn an extra couple of thousand dollars that month. I said work a little harder, but it’s really about working smarter. As a car sales person you use your words, your pen and your head to make more money, there isn’t any physical labor involved. I love the car business for the ability to make as much money as you want and the varied automobile sales careers. You can give yourself a raise with very little effort, that alone is reason enough to make the effort to learn to how to be a better car salesman.

Being a Car Salesman is a Great Career

You will notice that the top sales people and the bottom sales people use the same system, the difference is the sales person. Being a car salesman or car sales woman or how to be the best car salesman requires a positive attitude, a desire to succeed and going the extra mile by learning all you can learn about selling cars. Don’t forget to sign up for the Car Salesman Tips on the blog and take more ups.

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