The power of this drug and the amazing transformation that occurs is absolutely incredible. You won’t find it at the pharmacy and you can’t get from your doctor, it can only be acquired at the car dealership. The way it changes the ordinary car salesman into Incredible, Powerful and Unstoppable car salesman is hard to describe unless you have experienced for yourself, but I thought everyone should know about the power of this phenomenal car salesman drug.

I can tell you firsthand that it can’t summed up with a few words or even a couple sentences so I will have to provide you with this scenario so you will be better able to comprehend the experience. It’s Saturday morning and you just came out of the morning meeting, which was held by the General Sales Manager. It was a positive and motivating meeting rather than the standard “Bitch and Moan Session” and you head out to the lot to find your first customer.

Car Salesman DrugWithin minutes you find your first customer who is a middle-aged couple without kids and you start doing what you do best. Everything is going smoothly and you make a deal before you know it. Credit check, F@I, delivery and you’re thanking this couple for their business and waving good-bye as the taillights get smaller and smaller. You are feeling good and you look at the clock and realize that it is too early for lunch so you head back out on the lot to look for another one.

Twenty minutes later you are talking to a guy in his mid 30’s that is eyeing up your latest and greatest model. It’s loaded up with all the bells and whistles from sunroof to navigation. Test drive, evaluate the trade and present the numbers. You negotiate, overcome his objections and shake hands to close the deal. Credit, F@I, delivery and once again you are waving good-bye as he pulls his new car out of the dealership.

The Car Salesman Drug Kicks In

Your head swells, your chest is pumped up and you are unstoppable. The clock says it is 3:10 and you are you’re not even hungry at least not for food you want buyers. You don’t care about eating because there are unattended customers on the lot and they won’t be able to resist your charm, sales skills and abilities. You are Super Car Salesman and there are cars to sell. You are feeling like a million bucks, you have a positive attitude and you know that you can close like nobody else. You are walking on air and you know that your next customer doesn’t stand a chance of driving out of here without a new car.

The car salesman drug causes this euphoric feeling. You find yourself with another customer at your desk and you are laughing along with your customer having a great time and negotiating effortlessly as you close another deal. Regardless of obstacles or objections you simply work through them as if they didn’t exist. Your spirit can’t be broken because you are Super Car Salesman. The feeling can last anywhere from a day to a couple of days and you will love the car business.

The only side effects of this amazing car salesman drug are bigger commission checks, respect from your sales managers and admiration from the other car salespeople on the floor not to mention the happy customers that tell everyone about the good time they had buying a car from you and the referrals they send.

I told you that you had to experience it firsthand in order to fully appreciate what this drug can do to the ordinary car salesman. Not everyone that sells cars for a living has experienced this incredible feeling, but they can if they really want to do what it takes to be a car sales professional. Warning, the powerful effects brought on by this amazing car salesman drug can be addictive and can cause a salesperson to strive for higher and higher sales and commissions so be careful or you might find yourself loving the car business too! And you thought this was going to be about drugs!

Later, fresh Up on the Lot


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Moses Cantu · August 12 at 6:59 pm

Great article, I have been in this car game for about 7 years now. I have lived this many times and I could never describe this feeling! It takes alot of skill to sell three cars in a day. When I started in this business, I got a hat trick on my first day on the floor, I was hooked! Sell yourself than the product!! Its a very rewarding job and you are in the big leagues!

Steve · May 21 at 7:32 am

dude i love you bro, i’ve felt this many many times in the past 4 years of my profession but never was able to express it, there it is, you just nailed it!

DanyalLodi · May 3 at 10:30 am

Hi KB,

I’m about to join a car dealership that sells both used and new cars. I decided to give a try to the car sales industry because I am sick of having a fixed income and in this economy the salaries out there are too low.

So i’m giving this a shot. I don’t have sales experience but I am hungry for success. I am preparing to go in with a winning attitude and before I went to the interview I read your blog and that really pumped me up.

The dealership I am going to be working at is offering minimum wage for the 1 week training. After that it’s 100% commission. However, they said that if I am not able to sell cars in a month, or make below $1200 I think, I’ll get a $1200 check, but I wouldn’t want to be in that situation.

Being a older college student as well. Some strategies I am thinking to market myself are making a Facebook page for myself, and putting up flyers on the college campus and also giving out my cards to students at the college.

However, I think that college students are not much prepared to buy a car. How can I tap into adults who purchasing power? I am also new in this town and don’t know people around.

Please give your advice. I want to be successful at this and taste the success of big money. I want to get hooked on this field.


KB · March 25 at 11:49 am

Hi Sky,

It is great and it is had to explain unless you have experienced firsthand.


Sky · March 23 at 4:01 pm

Great post! I’ve experienced the drug recently and I want more. I’ve been in the biz for about a month and your book helped me boost my sales. The old dogs can’t even keep up.

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