Everyone’s had their fair share of mooches, mavens and shoppers when it comes to selling cars for a living, but that’s just part of being in the car business. Nobody wants to spend a couple hours showing somebody cars and going for test-drives with a person that’s not really ready to buy. In a perfect world everyone would come onto a car lot, buy a car and drive it home, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.

Car Salesman Nightmare and RealityI usually try to keep things upbeat and positive, but there are those days when your Fresh Ups consists of mavens, mooches and shoppers the car salesman’s nightmare. Those are the days that make you wonder why you ever got in the car business. Don’t get me wrong I’m not here to rain on anybody’s parade because I love selling cars, but every once in a while I thought it was a good idea to be honest about what it is like being a car salesman. As with all jobs no matter what your career choice might be there are some negative aspects of your job.

The Car Salesman and the Mooch

I want to give you a realistic view of one of those days because you will have them too, and I want you to be prepared for those days. Fresh out the box you get a fresh up and you think this is a great way to start the day. Then you find out that they have come from a town that is several towns away from yours. They are looking for a new vehicle. They haven’t really settled on a trim level or color but they know what kind of car they want.

You go through the whole dog and pony show and finally settle on a car, take a test drive and sit them down at your desk. But then it all comes out, they have been to several dealers and have prices from all of them, but they still didn’t buy a car. They want to buy your car for several thousand dollars less than invoice. You stay positive and work them with all your might while keeping your composure, but they won’t budge off of that unrealistic number. To make a long story short you know what happens after that and your first mooch of the day is out the door.

The Maven the Buyer and the Car Salesman

Ok, shake it off because it happens to all of us, just move on take your next customer. Then you come across a young couple on a lot looking over your new cars and give them the meet great. You assumed they were a couple, but they are a brother and sister. She wants to buy a new car and he (the maven) is here to help her so she gets a good deal. Once again you put on your happy face and do your walk-around, test drive and dealership tour before you set them down at your desk. Now it’s all about the numbers and she is no longer in control, but her big brother is and he is determined that she gets a fantastic deal on her new car.

It’s not his car or you would’ve been done a long time ago, it is for his little sister and he needs to show how good he is at negotiating. She’s excited she can’t wait to drive her new car home. However her brother is in no hurry and is determined to get her car for less than invoice. Round and round you go before you know it hours have passed and the maven is still talking crazy. The scenario has only 2 possible outcomes, one is that they move on to torment another dealer and salesperson or you finally do sell them a car and your car salesman is commission is a mini. However, it is very possible you don’t sell anything and you are back out on the lot looking for a customer.

A Shopper and a Car Salesman Meet

Here is a “Fresh Up” standing next to a new sedan on the lot with his folder full of paperwork neatly tucked under his arm and you start all over again. Only this customer wants more than a walk around and a test drive, he wants to know more about this car than the manufacturer knows. He has spent hours online researching his next vehicle and still wants more. Then he proudly tells you about how he is not going to buy until next month and is only researching several vehicles. You grind him, grill him, offer discounts and do everything you can think of only find yourself eventually giving him your card and thanking him for coming in today.

Reality of Being a Car Salesman

I have had days like that and I am sure you have too. You worked you butt off and did everything you could think of to sell a car, but all you ended up with was a “Hat Trick” of mooches, mavens and shoppers, a car salesman’s nightmare. My objective was not to be negative, but this can happen to you when you sell cars for a living. This is a very realistic possibility if you’ve been selling cars long enough, but it doesn’t happen every day it just happens once in a while. Then at the end of a day like this you realize that you’ve worked all day and didn’t make a dime. Call it a day and start over tomorrow. Forget about today and hit the ground running tomorrow …you are a Car Sales Professional and it just comes with the territory even when you earn a six figure income selling cars. Attitude is everything in the car business so make sure you have a good one.

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot


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