One of the most important car salesman tips that you should keep in mind at all times when selling cars is the perspective of your customer. The way they feel and think about the process of shopping for and buying a car has a huge impact on your success. Their perspective will influence or control every decision they make.

If you have been selling cars for a living for any length of time you don’t need any car salesman tips to know that the happiest customers usually pay the most profit and the most difficult customers usually pay the least amount of profit. Strange how that works, isn’t that. The difference is the perspective of the car buyer. The customer that comes on the car lot and expects a good experience usually has a good experience, but the other side is also true. The customer that comes on the lot and expects a bad experience will usually get just what they expect. (this should be part of your car sales training)

Car Salesman Tips – Reinforce or Change Their Perspective

Your car salesman income depends on you being able to detect the type of customer you are working with and change or reinforce their perspective. If you get the customer that expects a good experience it is pretty easy for you to accommodate them. They usually have a good attitude and they are usually pretty easy to work with, you don not need any car salesman tips to work this type of customer. When they are nice and pleasant to work with you usually become nicer and easier to work with. You end up feeding off of each other and everybody ends up happy.

Car Salesman Tips-The Car Buyer Perspective

The key point of this car salesman tip is to learn how to change the perception of the car buyer that expects to be taken advantage of or manipulated. Usually this customer will cause you to react in a certain way or to say certain things that will actually reinforce what the car buyer thinks is going to happen. You might not even be aware of your reactions, they are often unconscious. The way of feeding off of each other in the above example is the same way with this type of customer, except nobody ends up happy. You actually feed off of each other in a negative way. Then before you know what happened they say they have to go and you added another Be Back to the list.

Car Salesman Tips – Change You to Change Them

Give this car salesman tip a try by paying close attention to your reactions and words when you get the customer that expects a bad experience. If you are aware of how you react and what you say then you can make an effort to control your reactions. When you control your words and actions rather than react you can change their perspective of the situation. Treat this customer like the car buyer that is easy to work with. When you treat them like the best customer you ever had, that will have an effect on them that will start to soften them and make them more enjoyable.

Treating the difficult customer is one of the greatest challenges of being a car salesman, but if you can change their perspective it will be worth the effort. I have found that when I can turn around that difficult customer and sell them a car, they usually become my best source of referrals. By being able to sell the easy car buyers and the hard to deal with customers you will get yourself much closer to that six figure income of an auto sales professional and more satisfying car sales career.

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot

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