Last week I wrote a post about how practically every one of our customers loves to try us on when we are doing our job, but don’t forget that we must try them on too. Every single customer/car buyer that comes on the lot has different expectations when they visit the car dealer. They are all different and it’s our job to determine what kind of customer we have and what’s important to them. Of course they all want a good deal, but that doesn’t mean that they know the difference between a great deal and fair deal. What one customer thinks is a great deal could have the next one running out the door and that’s one of the greatest parts of selling cars for a living.

You know what I am talking about, we’ve all sold cars to customers that were sold well under dealer cost and the buyer still thought they were getting raped and taken advantage of and then on the other hand there are deals that had thousands of front end gross and the car buyer felt they got a good deal that went home to tell everyone how great you and the dealership treated them. It’s part of the game and the point I am trying to make when you sell cars professionally. We need to try on the customer the same way that they try on the car salesman.

Try On The Car Buyer

We need to push, prod, ask questions and discover what we need to do sell them a car and make some money so we need to try on the car buyer. We need to let them talk, we need to bond with them and ask questions. Questions that will give us idea of what they are thinking and what they expect. We need to take our time and gain some trust and credibility in order to discover what we need to know. Don’t rush through the process, try on them on so you will know what they expect and what they will and won’t accept.

Try On The Customer First

Everyday at dealerships salespeople are dropping their drawers to make a sale (especially salespeople that are less experienced) when they don’t need to because the customer mentions the Internet or other car dealerships. Most people use the Internet to look at cars and do research, but that doesn’t mean that you need to sell them a car for cost or even less. It means that they are using the only tool they have to protect themselves from the car salesman, which is price. The customer only has one thing to talk about when trying to remain in control when buying a car and price is it so they are going to try on the car salesman, but that also means that you need to try on the customer.

You need to try on the customer when it comes to all aspects of the sale. Think about it logically for a minute, if a customer comes in to buy a car and they talk about the last dealer they visited you should be asking yourself why didn’t they buy from that dealer. Was it really about price or was it about availability, color, options, and financing or trade value? You won’t know if you drop your pants too quickly in order to make a deal. What was the real issue and why are they in your dealership? They are here for a reason and you need to discover that reason by trying on the car buyer instead of them trying on the car salesman.

I have sold many cars for more than other dealers because of color, availability, options and the ability to create value. When you have the car they want they will pay, otherwise they would have bought before they made it to your dealership. You won’t know what you have to do to sell them a car unless you try on the customer and then you will sell more cars.

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot


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