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disqualifying your dealership

Internet Leads Are Disqualifying Your Dealership

The Internet car shopper starts out their search with the common quest of the “Best Price”. They search manufacturer websites, third party sites and even your dealership website, but they are actually disqualifying your dealership. Car buyers use the story about price whether they are online or in the dealership. They always talk “Best Price” […]

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internet car salesmen mistake

The #1 Mistake Most Internet Car Salesmen Make

The Internet has changed the car business in many ways and I’m sure it will continue to change the way we sell cars in the future. These changes have been fast and furious not to mention frustrating. Which leads me to talking about the mistake most Internet car salesmen make that’s costing them salary, commissions […]

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How to Sell More Cars Listening

How to Sell More Cars by Really Listening

I’m sure it goes without saying that every car salesman wants to sell more cars, but it’s amazing how many salesmen really listen to their customers. That statement probably sounds crazy because every car salesman listens to his or her customer, right? However after talking to a large number of potential car buyers that both […]

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