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Shooting from the hip and taking an up when you spot what looks like a likely candidate is a thing of the past. It wasn’t too many years ago that this style could still earn you a six-figure car salesman income, but not today. If you want to be a great car salesman today you need a plan. Unless you have a special arrangement or a following of past customers that allows you make a living waiting for customers you need to start thinking like a businessperson.

Every small business today that is profitable and successful is managed and operated by processes. So why should being a car salesman be any different? It shouldn’t unless you don’t really care about how much you earn every year or you’re only waiting for something better to come along. A great car salesman has a plan not just a desire to sell more cars each month.

Just by saying that you are going sell more cars, take more ups, set more appointments and make more gross is not a plan. That’s a dream and if you continue to dream about being a great car salesman you might as well dream about winning the lottery and retiring. You need to take steps and make a plan if you are determined to be a successful car salesman.

Steps for Becoming a Great Car Salesman

There are things you need to do everyday, every week and every month and if you only handle them when you have to or remember them you need to change your ways. You spend anywhere from 44 to 65 hours a week at the dealership (according hours car salesmen work survey). So what are you doing during those hours? If you are busy with customers the whole time you are at the dealership you are probably a great car salesman already. However if you have some time on your hands during you weekly schedule you need to take a closer look at what you do with that time.

All of these things are the tasks that great car salesmen complete regularly. Are you doing all these things on a regular basis? I hope you are because all of these things are important. Skipping a couple of these every day, week or month can make a difference in the bottom line.

You are running a small business and you are committed to being a great car salesman you should have a process. Create a written plan to accomplish these tasks in timely manner. Decide which of these you should on a daily basis, which ones can be handled weekly and monthly.

Develop a process to work with your schedule. Write out a daily worksheet and lay it out according to your schedule. Some of these will be done every day that you are at work; some may be twice a week, or every other day. Some will be weekly and don’t forget the tasks like totaling your stats and making time for product knowledge.

Once you take the time to develop a process and complete your tasks on schedule you are on your way to becoming a great car salesman. This will also help you develop achievable and measurable goals. Set goals, achieve them, adjust them or change what you are doing until you succeed. Do this for at least 90 days and you will have created a habit. Then you won’t need to write them out unless it helps you. A habit that will make you a more efficient and more successful car salesman that makes more money.

Great Car Salesman Tasks to Complete

Taking Ups

Checking and Working Leads (if a responsibility)

Calling Be-Backs

Calling Previous Day Sold Customers

Prospecting for Customers

Checking Emails

Setting and Confirming Appointments

Checking Voice-mail

Acquiring Referrals

Gaining Product Knowledge

Checking Previous Day Trades

Checking New Inventory – Sold Units and New Arrivals

Follow-Up on Lease or Retails Contracts that are Ending Soon

Working Service Customers

Tracking Your Stats – Ups, Solds, Be-Backs and Closing Ratios

Tracking and Measuring Your Gross Profits

Checking Solds After Your Day Off

Smoking Cigarettes (just kidding)

Other Dealership Specific Duties

These tasks aren’t in any specific order because you need to decide what is the most important and the most productive for you. Starting thinking like a small business and you can measure, adjust, make changes and grow your business. This is how a successful business grows and becomes a larger and more profitable business. Handle your career like a business and you will be a great car salesman. You can do it, others have and you can too if you are committed!
Later, Fresh Up on the Lot

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