Are You An Effective Car Salesperson?

Maybe that question isn’t fair because everything is relative. So let’s establish what an effective car salesperson is and is not. True professional believes in their product, their abilities, and the dealership where they sell. They close deals and deliver cars every month consistently. Everyone has a bad month now and then, but overall your sales are regular and consistent. You follow up with your customers, both past customers and be-backs, and you have a respectable C.S.I. score most or all of the time.

I have known salespeople that could fit the above description that only sell 6 or 7 cars a month, but I wouldn’t say that they were effective car salesperson. If you spend 40, 50, or more hours a week and only sell 6 or 7 cars a month, you better be burying them and making some vast grosses, or it’s time to change your ways. Because you are missing out on the opportunities that everyone that decides to sell cars for a living should be exploiting, being a car salesman is one of the few careers that allow you to make a six-figure income. Still, you must have the drive and desire to make it happen.

Successful Salesperson Traits

Effective Car SalespersonI know there must be top, middle, and bottom performers in every occupation, but are you willing to settle for anything less than being a practical car salesperson? I hope not because there is too much at risk. You need to think, talk and perform like the best in your field. You are not worried about what the next guy or girl sells or does. You are only worried about what you are doing and the results you are getting. You come to work every day and focus on selling a car. Whether you are an Internet Sales Manager or working the floor, the only thing important to you while you are on the job is selling a car. First one, then the next one, the next one, and so on until the month ends, and then you start all over again.

The effective car salesperson constantly looks for a way to sell a car. Not standing around bitching about the showroom traffic or whining about their last commission check. They are on the phone, sending emails, and looking for the next opportunity to make a sale. Some might say that the top performers have a big ego or they are always getting handed deals, and that might be the case, but would you hand out a deal to a 6 or 7-car-a-month salesperson or would you rather have a 20-car-a-month guy or girl take that customer if you were the Sales Manager?

Focus Makes an Effective Car Salesperson

You can be a top performer, but the focus makes the difference. Focus on your customer and what they are saying and not saying. They will tell you how to sell them, but not if you don’t give them 100% attention. Focus on your closing ratios. Are they improving or slipping? Monitor your year to date income. Is it rising or falling? Focus on the effectiveness of your walkarounds, are your customers paying attention, or are they looking at the next thing? Pay attention to your closing techniques. Are they effective or offensive? Choose your words carefully because one wrong word will blow a deal when selling cars. Pay close attention to everything, no matter how minor it may seem. Then adapt, adjust, improve, and succeed. Focus on becoming an effective car salesperson and earn the big money that only a car sales career can provide.

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