Get a “Fresh Up” on the lot and what do they say “Just Looking” or “We are not buying today, we are just looking”.

Of course they are just looking, at least until you give them a reason why they should buy a car from you and your dealership. They are testing the waters and putting up the classic barriers to keep you from getting too close. If you watch a new or average car salesperson approach a customer and they say those dreaded words you see the impact that it has on the car salesman.  Almost instantly you can see their posture and expression change. The customer just knocked the wind out of their sails. The loose their steam and the chances of selling this customer a car is probably been reduced by at least 50%.

Just Looking the First Defense Against the Car Salesman

This is the reaction that most car buyers want to get from a car salesman when they tell them they are not buying today. They think that you are not going to try and sell them a car if they tell you they are just looking. They really do believe that you will back off and believe it or not some sales people do back off. They give up in their head before they even got started. The good car salesman understands that these are simply tools that the car buyer uses to try and remain in control. The successful car salesman will not even flinch when the car shopper says they are just looking, they won’t skip a beat and with a big smile they say “That’s great, now that you have taken all the pressure off of me let’s take a look at some cars” and then they continue to move through the steps of the sale.

Just looking is what you will hear from most car buyers when you first greet them, but that is the better than the big mouth that walks in the door and asks “Who wants to sell a car today”. When the customer is just looking it really means that they are looking for a professional car salesman or car saleswoman. They want someone that knows what they are talking about, not overbearing or pushy.

They want a professional…is that you?

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot


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GM · April 4 at 12:50 pm

If they don’t LOOK they can’t see,,,, tell them welcome
don’t disapear, don’t hang on them, see what they are spending time looking at. Let them know you’ll be close if they need you. Have your warranty info if used ready to tell them,,,, see what they drove in, don’t make a big deal of JUST LOOKING hey their on your lot LOOKING not down the street. Work it right so they will be JUST BUYING frim you

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