We have all asked ourselves how we can sell more cars and I found that one of the best ways to do that is to stop trying so hard. Sounds crazy, but I have seen many veteran car salesmen and myself included focus on selling a certain number of cars in a week or several days so they can hit bonus level only to blank or sell less cars than they normally would in that time frame. The reason is that they are thinking about selling 3, 4 or 5 cars at one time rather than one at a time. This post is not about marketing tools for selling cars its about the car salesman.

sell more cars

Let me explain, when you try to push yourself harder for a few days or week to sell more cars your attitude, demeanor and methods change and therefore your customer is dealing with a car salesman that is not the real you. You are trying to push the car buyer harder, try to close more and trying to use car closing techniques you normally wouldn’t use and you are not the car sales professional that you are the rest of the month. You are working harder, not smarter and when you are selling cars for a living you need to work smarter.

Selling More Cars Starts in Your Head

When you work harder to sell more cars on a short deadline, you do all the things that are focused on multiple sales rather than one sale and the customer feels pressure, which makes them uncomfortable. The car buyer can’t put their finger on it, but they feel uncomfortable because you are not yourself. You need to be confident and personable to earn the respect and the confidence of your customer, but when you try too hard to sell more cars you have a tendency to turn the customer off because you are focused on selling more cars and not the one car to the buyer in front of you. Forget about the car salesman checklist and build rapport with your customer. People buy cars from people, so pay attention to your customer.

You Will Sell More Cars as You

Stop trying so hard and be yourself and you will start selling more cars. Focus on each and every customer and only that customer until they drive away. Then the next one and the next one the numbers will come when you give your customer 100% of your attention and do what has been working so far and that’s how to sell cars professionally. Car buyers can pick up on the slightest things that don’t feel right and if you are trying too hard or only focused on how to sell more you will turn them into Be Backs (You already know about Be Backs).How to Sell Cars at a Dealership

It’s OK to be a little cocky and full of confidence, but a little can go a long way. If you are going to push yourself or try harder to sell more cars that’s fine, but start at the beginning of the month and do it all month long so it becomes a part of you and not at the end of the month. Just like the movie Field of Dreams, build it and they will come, sell one car at a time and the numbers will come. Be yourself and you will sell more cars because the car buyer can sense more than you realize. Consistency, confidence and focus will have you earning a six-figure income, now that’s real car salesman compensation. Sign up for car salesman tips, ways to sell cars and ideas to sell more cars on the right.

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot


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logan · November 17 at 11:54 pm


what dose 71/2 months and work the desk mean?

KB · November 17 at 6:29 am

Hi ES,

Thank you for those great sales tips and glad to hear are are doing well.

Hey everyone, take note, this is what I have been saying, you can see that ES is more than on track to making a six-figure income selling cars and he only stated 7-1/2 moths ago.

Keep up the great work.


es · November 15 at 10:50 pm


First of all let me tell a little bit about myself, I’ve been a Sales Associate for 71/2 months and I might add I have been very (VERY) successful, 18-22 cars a month.
Before my current job, I had no sales experience, my previous job was in the law enforcement field. (it sucked, underpaid and overworked)

In the past months I’ve found amazing tips to selling cars!

Number 1
Remember you are there to make money and that is what you should do, you dont work for a dealership you work for yourself, get paid every single day.

Number 2
BE HONEST,Sell yourself and make a friend, forget about selling a car, ask questions, talk about sports, activities, build rapport.

Number 3
Know whether to work the customer or the desk (yes i said it! work the desk), remember your are there to get paid
your new friend (customer) wants to feel like he’ getting a fabulous deal, (coach him) be upfront with him tell him what is realistic and whats not. Never discuss rate or discounts leave that up to your manager.

Number 4
Stay Dumb! dont try to learn everything in the car business because your sales will drop…
every up, every phone up, every deal in your hands is a car sold no matter what! Dont be afraid to pay money to make money! this has worked wonderful for me! Offer your new friend (customer) free tint, or a tank of gas, a $25 gift card etc…Anything that will make him feel special if they buy from you.

NUmber 5
Do not be afraid to let your customer walk, if you play your cards right that customer is yours
I have heard it from so many people to power sell put pressure on people believe me it works
you will get the sale, but thats it. The key is to set up a buying experience they will share with friends and family
and when the the thought about buying a car your name will be the first name to come out of their mouths.
You have to build life long relationships, build your contacts.

Number 6
Follow up like theres no tomorrow, beat the phones to death. Everyone likes to feel special
I have had several deals that walk due to payment and end up coming back just because of my service.

CUSTOMER SERVICE is everything do not promise something you cant deliver stay humble and work hard.

Ive made over 80k in 71/2 months, I am no expert just a guy trying to make a living, consistency is the key , you control your paycheck get paid everyday!

Hope these tips help you sell cars

Best of Luck

logan · November 15 at 2:10 pm

many thanks!!

KB · November 14 at 6:34 pm

Hi Logan,

A great way to get people to open up is to ask questions and listen to them. People usually like to talk about themselves, their job or their family. Find a connection and talk about that. It can be sports, where you live, where they work, who they know, their kids, etc…

It doesn’t have to be all about selling all the time.


logan · November 5 at 5:16 pm

How do I get people to open up?

Chelsea · October 20 at 2:21 pm

Aloha KB,

Thank you for this advice, I am trying everything in my power to be a better sales woman, even bought the book! I am having trouble after the meet and greet to find the motivators for walk ins and putting them at ease, any advice? thanks!

KB · January 31 at 8:09 pm

The best way to sell cars that have been in accident is to tell the customer the truth. If they think you are hiding something they won’t buy.
If you open up to them and tell them that it has been repaired properly you will get more takers than trying to hide the facts.

ivy · January 30 at 2:46 pm

Hi KB,
I am now working with my boyfriend who ownes a used car dealership. Recently we found out it is very tough to sell used cars even the price is as low as we can. We are just tring to find out how to sell more cars which have been in an accident before.
Thank you

KB · November 3 at 9:08 am

Some of those customers can be brutal. It may have something to do with the brand you are selling. I know for a fact that some brands have many more of those types of customers.

Sometimes we have to take the good with the bad and try to pick up some money on the trade. Also you want to see if you can switch some to lease where you can usually make more money or even a used car. You need a get a few big grossers now and then to make for the low ballers.

Peter Dimond · October 28 at 4:05 pm

But the reason for emailing is Internet Sales. I have had training in internet sales and I am semi-successful selling internet leads.

There are so many that come in with phony names and phones you really have to sift through the staff.

Anyway, my biggest problems comes in with most internet leads are very internet savvy and walk in with my “cost”or at least the cost those sites give them. The sites are fairly active but don’t include the freight or advertising local and national.

Okay, I can handle that. But I can’t handle people coming in with invoice and wanting $1-2 thousand lower. They don’t believe your invoice. I really don’t even bring up their trade value, because no one allows for recon or upfront true appraisal.

HELP me get past this I know your cost and this is my trade. We are accepting 50.00 back of invoice but I have not made GROSS for months. I have a good dealership that pays me nicely on flat commission but I don’t feel like I am selling anymore just being a shop clerk they don’t believe.

With our company reputation people come here first don’t believe our statements go across town and buy because the price is the same or $50 better buit they are now tired.

I want the business, I deserve the business. I have over tens years experience and am now coming back to the business have bought and read you books but I can’t handle this is my only and final price.


KB · June 5 at 12:30 pm

Hi Thomas,

Sounds like you the right attitude and so going and remember that it gets easier. Focus on the big money you will be making in the near future.

Thomas · June 2 at 9:14 am

Thanks for all the help and advice. I just started selling cars two weeks ago and I get super flustered and I haven’t sold one yet I am still excited to be selling. Is there any tips you would have that might help me not get so flustered?
Thanks Thomas

GM · April 1 at 4:03 pm

I applaud this advice!!!! One at a time and start on the first of the month every month!!!!!! It works

KB · January 16 at 8:36 am

Best of luck Issac and welcome.

Go through the posts and articles on the blog here and then Read the book. You can make a very good living and Hyundai is really starting to build momentum.

Good Luck
Stay in touch

Issac · January 15 at 4:52 pm

Hi KB, I found your website to be very informative and full of motivation. I was in sales years ago but after migrating to Canada, for some personal reasons never wanted to go back in to selling and have been driving trucks for a while. But I know that sales is my vocation and my calling in life. I have no doubt that I will do very well in selling cars. Chances are I may earn good commissions from the very first month and chances are I may not. What would you advice to someone very optimistic and a goal setter and people person (I won the highest achievement award for Dale Carnegie’s course in public relations) who wants to explore car selling not as a try out but a career. I have a family and house payments. I am considering selling Hyundai.
I will greatly appreciate your words of advice and I am willing to follow your advice.
Thanks for taking the time to read this,

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