If you consider yourself to be a car guy or girl it might already be too late for you. You may already be addicted and there is no turning back now. I am not sure of how, but it just happens and before you know it you want more and more customers, more leads, to sell more cars and make more money. Your desire to close deals is out of control and you can’t stop because there are always more customers that want to buy cars.

Sound familiar? You think you can quit at anytime, but you can’t because you are a car guy or car girl. Many have tried quitting and changing occupations, but they always get drawn back in. They can’t help it and there’s no cure in sight. Yes, some have been able to break away from the car business, but they were never really car people. They just thought they were a car guy or car girl or else they would have been able to stay away for good, but if they are real car people they always come back (not to be confused with Be-Backs).

car guy or car girl

Many people come and go in the car business as we all know, but if you have experienced even a moderate level of success for a prolonged period of time, you are destined to become a true car guy or girl. There is no escaping this fact and don’t even bother wasting your time looking for a cure because there is no cure. The ability to control your own income, level, and speed of success is something that very few people can comprehend. The thought of working on commission and not making the exact same amount every week, month, and year is more than most people can grasp. Heaven forbid you get paid for what you produce and have to count on yourself to make a living.

Car Guy or Car Girl Symptoms

  • You answer questions with questions
  • When you speak, you use open-ended questions
  • When you ask questions, you always offer two or three answers
  • Even in social situations, you use car business references
  • You know you are a better closer (think you are)
  • You use car lingo when you talk to friends and family
  • You stay late or come in early to deliver a car
  • You have a hard time giving direct answers when asked
  • The idea of a fixed monthly income makes you crazy
  • Your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Texts about cars and the car business
  • You want and need to sell more cars all the time
  • You are profit-driven and money-oriented
  • You are self-motivated

There are many more, but you get the general idea. You may not exhibit all of these symptoms, but if you are a real car guy or girl I am sure that you have most of them covered. I am not saying that any of these symptoms are bad in fact most of these are great attributes.

Car Guy or Car Girl Treatment

I am sorry to say that there is no cure, and the treatment requires some work on your part. The first step is admitting that you are a car guy or a car girl. Be proud and embrace your career. We all need to work together and improve the image that the public has of the people who work in the car business. Be a professional, take care of your customers, build your business inside a business, build your car salesman brand, follow up with your customers, be on the lookout for car salesman tips, ask for referrals and online reviews, and take every opportunity to improve yourself.

If you have a bad attitude or a chip on your shoulder about the car business GET OUT NOW. Stop wasting ups, ticking off customers and giving us a black eye. Move on and move out unless you are determined to become a true car guy or car girl. It’s a great career choice and a great life being part of the car business and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am not trying to sell you on the idea, just get in or get out. My only regret is that I didn’t get into the car business sooner than I did. Now let’s have some fun and move some metal.

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot


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