The combination of a Car Salesman and the phone is an awesome way to help your car salesman income. The average closing ratio for floor traffic is somewhere around 20%. When you get some one in the door by using the phone the closing ratio can get into the upper 30% or more if done properly by a car sales professional.

Car Salesman and The Phone - Tool for Success

Car Salesman and The Phone – Awesome Tool for Success

The auto sales professional that makes their best use of the phone is a car salesman that leads the pack in volume and car salesman income. If you are lucky enough to be able to catch a fresh phone up on a regular basis there is good chance that you could increase your annual sales by 20% or more.

When you have a car salesman job you need to learn to make the best use of the phone. Not every car dealer allows the car salesman to take phone ups, but there are are other uses for the phone like car sales prospecting and car sales follow up. Being a good car salesman and closing only 20% of your potential car buyers leaves you 80% of your ups that you did not sell on their first visit. You should have their phone number and you should be following up with them until they buy a car. You won’t sell them all with car sales follow up phone calls, but most of them will buy a car somewhere so do your best to get them to buy from you.

Car Salesman Success Means Follow-Up

I have heard many car buyers tell me that they visited several car dealers and less than 10% of the car salesmen followed up with them after they were at their dealership. They were impressed by the ones that called them and provided more information and genuinely seem to be helpful. More times than not they returned to the car salesman and dealership that followed up with them in a polite and helpful manner and bought a car. You can’t get them all back, but if you can get a few back every month you will be well on your way to that six figure income.

Car Salesman and the Phone – Multiple Uses

Getting car buyers back into the dealership isn’t the only use for the phone. You need that powerful combination of the car salesman and the phone to follow up with sold customers to make sure you get a good survey if they bought a new car. You will also want to stay connected to past customers because you never know when they will need another car or they know someone that is in the market for a car. Referrals are one of the best customers you can get, they already have some degree of trust in you that has been transferred from your past customer.

Get on the phone and start bringing them back and asking for referrals. The phone can be the difference in you having a successful career in car sales or being desperate to sell a car. In a future post I will cover some specific phone techniques like car sales prospecting that are rarely covered in normal automotive sales training systems.

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot

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KB · December 21 at 10:17 am

Hi Ricardo,

I don’t like to speak in generalities because everyone is different. However I have found that the Latin customer is usually a pretty straight forward buyer and rarely plays games. They just want to buy a car and get a good deal like everybody else.


Ricardo Acosta · December 21 at 9:41 am

In my short time (4.6 yrs) selling cars I have found that the latin market is an important percentage of sales.

They ask different questions and want to find those specific cars, suvs, or trucks with another perspective….. what can you say about this customer market ?

Alex Martin · March 15 at 11:11 am

I am new to the car sells business my full intent is to make this into a career. Your website is extremely helpful please put more info on here.

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