We are always looking for ways to get a car customer to feel more committed and obligated, one way to do that is to take them on a service walk. Walking through your service department is a one of the great car salesman tips to get your customer more involved in the process of buying a car.

After taking your customer on a test drive, park close to the entrance of the service department and enter the building as a service customer would. Walk them through the shop and point out specific areas and be enthusiastic. Of all the car salesman tips walking them through the service department and showing them specific areas will make them more comfortable with your dealership along with helping them picture owning the new car and doing business with your service department.

Car Salesman Tips - Go On A Service Walk

Car Salesman Tips - Service Walk

Many car salesman tips talk about walking a customer to service during the delivery process, but we all know that after they bought a car and signed all their paperwork they just want to get in their new car and leave. When you take a customer on a service department walk through before you sell them a car they are more receptive and not in such a hurry to leave.

After you have walked your customer through the shop area take them past the service writers and service manager or director. If they are available go ahead and introduce them as a new customer and mention that you wanted to show them how easy it is to do business with the service department. Building value in your service department is one part of the car salesman tips that also helps build value in the car dealership overall and their good car salesman or woman. That’s you.

When you build more value in yourself and your car dealership your customer’s buying decision become easier and your closing ratio starts to climb. We know what happens to your car salesman income when that happens.

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