Practically every car dealer that I know of has some kind of in house car sales training. This sales training could be any number of different systems, but they are all designed to do the same thing, start your car sales career, sell cars and make money. I have heard of 7 steps to a sale, 9 steps to sold, 10 points to sale and 12 parts to closed, whatever your dealership has adopted to their store it is important to get yourself familiar with the sales system. No matter how many points or parts there are, the system has been selling cars for the dealer or they wouldn’t be there today.

I am not familiar with every car sales training program that is in use today, but all of the ones that have I seen have been good. They are basically all the same, they usually combine the steps into less or expand them into more steps of the car sale. I am in favor of any system that sells cars and adds to your car salesman income. My point of this post is to urge you to learn the system thoroughly and put it to good use.

Car Salesman Training and the Newbie

I have seen many sales people start a career in car sales and start selling cars by following the car sales training system to the letter and the car sales script. Then after a short time they start getting a big head and think they are hot stuff. So then they start skipping steps and short cutting the system. They start thinking that they know better than the system that was designed by an auto sales professional. This professional sales trainer has been in the car business for years and has tested and retested the system before putting it into use at a car dealer.

Then the Newbie that started skipping steps is seeing their sales dropping off and they are wondering why. The why is their short cutting of the car sales training system. I have seen this happen to newer sales people more times than I can remember. Some of them realize what they are doing, so they go back to the basics and start selling cars again. Some of them just keep trying to sell cars without going back to the system or don’t listen to people that tell them to go back to the basics and they eventually starve themselves out of a car sales career.

Tweaking the Car Sales Training

I am not advocating that anyone should deviate from the automotive sales training system that you car dealership requires you to use to sell cars, but there is always a little room for some tweaking. By tweaking I mean adding some personality. If you are going to hit that six figure income selling cars you need to be able to adjust the system slightly to be able to build rapport with more different kinds of car buyers. Learn some of the car sales techniques that your fellow sales people use and start using them yourself.

The more car buyers that you can build rapport with, the more cars you will sell. If your car sales training has car sales scripts, adjust those scripts slightly so you do not sound like a robot or parrot. Get to know your lines and scripts so that you can deliver them with a twist so that it sounds like it is coming from you rather than a canned script. Depending on your customer tailor your lines, questions and word tracks so they sound like they are your natural way of talking. The more natural your conversation sounds, the more comfortable your car buyer will be. Remember, people buy from people. if they feel comfortable they are much more likely to buy from you, bringing you closer to that six figure car salesman income. With time and experience you will also develop your own car sales techniques for selling cars, that’s part of being a car salesman. How to be a good car salesman or car sales woman means the more you can adapt to your customer, the more you can earn as a successful car salesman.

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