I hear this question all the time "How Do I Become a Car Salesman". So many people want to know how to be a car salesman, but they are uninformed about what it takes to sell cars for a living. The key phrase there was "for a living". Becoming a car salesman is not complicated, but it isn't mastered overnight.

Anyone Can Learn How To Become a Good Car Salesman

How to Be a Car Salesman or Car SaleswomanJust about anyone with a pulse can learn how to be a car salesman or car sales woman (just kidding), but sometimes it seems like that is the only requirement. Incidentally you don't need a college education to sell cars, your most important attribute is your attitude. I have seen so many new sales people go through car salesman training and then hit the sales floor only to have them quit in the first thirty days. The ones that last longer than thirty days rarely make it ninety days. The ones that do last are people that have sold cars before or had some type of sales experience in a closely related field. Don't get me wrong there is that one newbie every once in a while that catches on and becomes an effective car salesman that never had any sales experience.

Do You Really Want to Be a Car Salesman

It's true that car salesman jobs are not physically demanding jobs, although some complain about the car salesman hours. If you are asking why become a car salesman it's because you can earn a six figure car salesman salary and income, dress in nice clothes, talk to different kinds of people and never break a sweat. Sounds like a dream job, right? You may want to know how to become a car salesman, but that is not enough. As I mentioned earlier, almost anyone can become a car salesman. If you are going to make a living selling cars you need to be a successful car salesman that has a goal of being a great car salesman. Want some real life numbers on how much car salesmen make?

Requirements to Become a Good Car Salesman

To become a good car salesman you need to have a mental toughness because selling cars is mentally and emotionally challenging. You need thick skin to deal with the car salesman jokes and the ability to control your thoughts, words and emotions.  You need to be able to carefully choose and use your words, expressions and gestures to support the sales process and be able to change and adapt to the different customers and situations.

Do You Still Want to Know How to Become a Good Car Salesman

You will be put together, tested and tried on by customers and sales managers that will at times have you wanting to knock them out, cuss them out, throw them out or walk out yourself. Your ability to control yourself can make a huge difference in you car salesman commission and car salesman income. If you are currently a car salesman you know exactly what I am talking about because you have already had your on the job car salesman education. One of the sayings that I try to remember is: "Don't get mad, get even by selling them a car". Then I put on my game face and do my best to sell them a car and make a nice big front end gross. It doesn't always work, but it does more times than it doesn't. Sometimes being a car salesman means we just have to suck it up to sell a car.

Where Should I Apply to Become a Car Salesmen

You Can Become a Car Salesman If you still want to become a car salesman you might ask where should I apply to be a car salesmen. Just pick-up the classifieds and look under the help wanted section. Some dealerships will even provide you with their car salesman job description for a better understanding of the duties and responsibilities. Check the automotive section and I am sure you will find a handful of car dealers that are looking for car salesmen. Dealerships rarely require anything more than a high school diploma because you receive a car salesman education from the dealership. The turnover in the car business is quite brisk so I am sure will find some dealers that are looking to add a car salesman or two. If you have the desire and the mental fortitude to become a car salesman then start talking to some car dealers, have an interview and begin your car sales training because you can be a great car salesman and a successful car salesman. More importantly, lets sell more cars.

I think a career in car sales is a great opportunity for those that can cut the mustard and deal with the car salesman hours. Where else can you laugh and have fun doing your job yet still have the potential to make a six figure income. All jobs have their ups and downs, but a car sales can be a great career choice if you have what it takes to become a successful car salesman. Just remember to give it a fair chance, it will take you a while to get used to the business and get through your initial on-the-job car salesman education. Don't make the mistake of calling it quits before you even get started making the big money being a car salesman. I hope that will briefly answer you about how to be a car salesman, it's not as hard as you think. Regularly visit this car salesman blog and website for thoughts, advice and tips on being a better car salesman and other automobile sales careers including car sales closing techniques.

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daniel · March 23 at 8:02 am

Hi KB,

I was in the business a little over 10 yrs ago and worked in it at one dealer for about a year. At that time, I had minimium success but did the last year. I don't think I sold over six cars a month however am older now and am looking to get back into the business. Do you think it is a good idea or should I just leave it? My manager at the time told me that either you get it or don't get it in this business,


KB · January 26 at 5:47 pm

Hi Jason,

Sounds like a great opportunity.


jason · January 25 at 10:42 am

Hi KB,

I recently interviewed for a sales manager position and have a lot of experience in management and sells. I met with several different people. The operating director wants me with his company and says I have everything he has been trying to get at his dealership but not are where he wants me. He says I will make a lot of money at his dealership,by the way he owns 5 in this town. He wants me to learn how things operate and work in this business and says to come on as a sales person to learn for a few months and fast track me to management. He starts his sales people on a draw of 350 and said to to insure me that he doesn't want me to stay there he is offering me 700 draw a week and would do 800 if that is what it takes to get me on board. Does this seem like a good opportunity or should I be cautious . I have never worked in the new car business before but have experience in in house financing,collecting ,writing and structuring deals but much smaller priced used vehicles.I think he wants me there in management but not sure in finance or as sale manager plus he said possibly other opportunities making more than I probably ever will he would just like me to get some exposure, anyways any advise would be great thanks.

KB · April 11 at 6:22 am

Thanks Matt,

Good Advice


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