You know the old saying; “When you work on commission and you’re not in front of a customer, you are unemployed”. That is one of the points of this car salesman tip, what is the best uses of your time when you have a professional car sales career? When you get a fresh up and you try to move through the process too quickly you may turn off your car buying customer and not be able to build the rapport that is critical to increasing your car salesman income.

Car Salesman Tip – Time Sells

Car Salesman Tips - Take Your Time

Car Salesman Tips - Take Your Time

In this car salesman tip ask yourself, if you were not with a customer what would you be doing? Would you be shooting the breeze with the rest of the sales people, calling to find out when the Be Back Bus is coming or making calls to previous customers to drum up business. The best use of your time is in front of a customer if you want to earn a six figure income, so take your time.

Car Salesman Tip – Green Pea Mistakes

Many sales people and especially Green Peas want to sell a car so badly that they start moving through the steps of a car sale too quickly. Your potential car buyer goes through this process once every few years and you go through this process everyday. You are very familiar with the process and your customer is not, so this car salesman tip says take your time. Take your time and make your customer comfortable with every step before you move to the next step. Moving quickly through the sale makes the customer think all you want is a commission and you don’t care about their needs. When a customer thinks that you don’t care about them your car salesman income will take the hit. You will learn in your car sales career that sometimes spending an extra 15 or 20 minutes here and there can add more to your commission in the long run.

Car Salesman Tip – Move at Their Pace

When you do your meet and greet with your fresh up take the time needed to gather information about their “hot buttons”, needs and wants. Take your time and build rapport buy asking questions and making small talk. Get to know your car buyer, all the information you gather and the rapport you build in the early steps of the car sale will benefit you greatly when it comes to controlling your customer and negotiating. This car salesman tip will help you learn many things from your car buyer early in the process that you will use to close them later.

On the other side of this car salesman tip, when you have a customer that is familiar with and wants to move through the process quickly you need to pick up your pace and keep them from getting bored. Move at a pace that keeps them interested and gather as much information as you can. This type of customer does not usually open up to small talk, you need to mirror your customer to build rapport and gain their respect. When you move too slow with this type of car buyer you will loose their respect and possibly the sale. This type of car buyer will be a very small percentage of your customers, but the more types of car buyers you can connect with the more successful you will be with your career in car sales.

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot!

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