Have you ever asked yourself if you were embarrassed being a car salesman? When we spend of our time around those in the car business the subject never comes up, but when you are in a social situation and someone asks you what you do for a living what do say? So, to get back to the original question. Are you embarrassed about being a car salesman for a living? I hope not, but I think some people are somewhat embarrassed to say I am a car salesman.

Being a Car SalesmanObviously the public at large does not recognize the profession of car sales as a noble career. Some even think of us as crooks, thieves or hustlers, but how do you feel about being a car salesman? The way you feel about that question may have a huge impact on your car sales success. If you can’t hold your head high when asked what you do for a living and say “I sell cars, lots of cars” maybe you need to reevaluate your career choice.

Be Proud of Being a Car Salesman

If you are paying the bills and supporting your family by selling cars for a living you should be very proud of your profession. It’s not illegal, it’s a product that practically everyone needs and you don’t need to do anything deceptive, dishonest or immoral to do your job. Typically you are employed by a local business that is a respectable business in the community. They pay taxes and provide a livelihood for dozens and possibly many more people that pay taxes. Sounds like a respectable career to me when you look at what being a car salesman is really all about.

Sure there are and have been a few bad apples that have ruined it for the whole profession. However that doesn’t mean your should look at the floor and say “I’m a car salesman” when asked what you do to pay the bills. Instead hold your head high and give them a resounding; clear and enthusiastic “I sell cars, lots of cars”.  Being proud of what you do is an important part of being a car salesman and especially a successful car salesman. Not to mention that it’s a great icebreaker because everyone wants to know more about the car business.  Especially from someone that is proud of being a car salesman.

I started this website/blog because I am proud of being a car salesman and I thought it was time to make selling cars a respectable profession. I named it Car Sales Professional for just that reason and I expect you to feel the same way. Granted if you are only selling 5 or 6 cars a month its time to change the car salesman or change the car salesman and what I mean by that is that you either change the way you think or look for a different profession. You are in control of your destiny, your level of success and income. Yes, there are some dealerships that make things difficult for the salesperson to make a six figure income. But there are many more dealers that appreciate and fairly compensate the car salesman that knows how to sell cars.

The best part is that when you are proud of being a car salesman and more than happy to tell the world you sell cars your sales will increase. You will get more referrals, you will be prospecting all the time and you will sell more cars. That’s how it works and that’s what I mean about having your head in the game. Where else can you control your own car sales income, decide on your own level of success and have fun doing it at the same time. So lets go sell some cars, lots of cars!

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot


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Tim O Jones · November 6 at 6:23 pm

I have to say yesI am embarrased to say I WAS a car salesman did it for 2 years in Myrtle Beach and New Jersey averaged 14 cars worse load of A holes I worked with most of my fellow workers were back stabbers

John O'Neill · November 6 at 5:09 pm

Very proud to be a car salesman: automotive sales professional if you like. I was embarrassed to admit my previous line of work at times due to the excessive prices and widespread unprofessional conduct and work quality in the company. Used to go home feeling like a first rate a-hole. The car business: by and large the people I have come across are great. The only people one has to watch out for are the odd customers who tell lies etc etc. But that applies to all retail.

Max · November 6 at 1:47 pm

I will quote this article because i’m proud to be a car salesman. Our work isn’t so different from others and require a great professionality it this times. I wish to all the car salesman a great job

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