The car buyers emotions are the quickest way to sell a car. Yes, that’s right. People buy cars using their emotions. Even the mooch that is all about price is buying a car with their emotions. Some of the car buyers emotions are easy to spot and focus on, while others like to make you believe they are all about dollars and cents.

Various Car Buyers Emotions

Some car buyers emotions are concerned with having a sunroof, alloy wheels and leather seats. That way they can feel good about driving around and showing their friends their new car. They want to feel important, or cool, or impressive when they are driving their new car. Being a car salesman means that you are going to discover those emotions and use them to your advantage to sell them a car. The car sales professional understands this type of car buyer and has probably closed many a deals by selling to their customer’s emotions.

The Logical Car Buyers Emotions

Understanding the car buyers emotions of the mooch or logical buyer is much harder to do, but it can be done. Their car buying emotions aren’t focused around the car and the options as much as they are focused on getting a good deal. Their emotions are more concerned with their pride. To this car buyer a new car is a commodity and they know that they can go to a dozen different new car dealers and get the same car. This car buyer is willing to drive an hour out of their way to save a few bucks because their car buying emotion is called pride. They couldn’t live with themselves if they didn’t feel that they got a good deal. Rather than show their new car to all their friends they are going to tell all their friends about the great deal they negotiated and how they beat the car salesman.

Become Friends for Their Car Buyers Emotions

This emotion of pride is much harder to discover and even more difficult to sell around because it will impact your car salesman income. Besides the emotion of pride you need to be able to appeal to another one of their emotions. It may be the convenience of living close by, free oil changes, free car washes or anything that he may think is valuable. You will have to treat this buyer with respect and understand his need to get a great deal. You will have to let him know that getting a great deal when you buy something is as important to you as it is to him.

Let him know that you are on his side against the sales manager because you would rather sell a car and only make a couple dollars than sell nothing. Let him know that you are counting on him to tell his friends how good of a deal you got him so he will send his friends to buy from you. Tell him about the bird-dog program at your dealership and how can can get a check when he sends in a customer that buys a car. The better you get to know your customer and what is important to them the easier it will be to sell them a car.

Selling a car to a mooch or to the all about the price customer is never fun, but selling cars for a living means you need to take the good with the bad.  A mini is better than nothing and it can help your monthly volume bonus. To make that six figure income you will need to close a few more of those tough ones to increase you car salesman income with monthly volume bonuses.

It may not seem like car buyers emotions but it really is, it just depends which emotions they use. There are a huge range of emotions that can influence the car buyer, it can be one emotion or many. The next time you get one of those car buyers that is all about the price think of this car salesman tip and try to find the emotions that are important to them.

Later, Fresh Up on the Lot


Are tapping into the emotions of your car buyers?

You should be, you can learn how to be a good car salesman just read the book!


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Good Luck Doug and welcome to the car business.

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Thanks much KB. Some really great info on this site!! I start selling tomorrow…we’ll see how it goes. Doug

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