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Not Asking for the Sale

You’ve probably heard this before, but not asking for the sale is one of the biggest hurdles to success for new car salespeople. It sounds simple, but there are salespeople showing cars, going for test drives, and doing walk-arounds, but not asking for the sale. It’s not difficult all you have to do is look them in the eye and ask them to buy the car. It can be done in several different ways and with several different car sales closing techniques, but if you don’t ask them to buy they will rarely buy. Asking them to buy is the best way to bring out their objections and you will not be able to overcome their objections if you don’t ask them to buy. I know it sounds too simple, but asking them to buy the car puts them on the spot and requires them to make a decision. I have probably seen hundreds of salesman that go on and on about the features of the vehicle and wait for the customer to say yes I will take it, but that rarely happens until you ask for the sale. I’ve seen salesman talk the customer into buying the car and then just keep talking and talk themselves out of a sale. Once you ask for the sale and get an answer you know what you need to do next either start the paperwork or start overcoming objections.

Not Listening

The quickest way to blow a sale is by not listening to your customer. I’ve said it over and over again spend enough time with your customer and listen closely because they will tell you how to sell them a car. They might not use the exact words they may not lay out the steps that you need to take, but they will tell you how to sell the car if you listen closely. Customers will not make it easy for you, at least not most of them, but they will tell you how to sell them a car. I’ve seen countless numbers of salespeople try to close a customer on a particular car only to discover that they were trying to sell them a car they didn’t really want or car that contained options or features that they didn’t want. Listening closely to the customer does not mean you have to believe everything they say, but you do need to listen very closely to every word they’re saying so you can sell them a car.

Car Salesperson Fail AttitudeAttitude

I’m sure you have all heard that attitude is everything, but when it comes to selling cars your attitude is probably the most important factor in becoming a successful car salesperson. Your mental attitude whether it has to do with your personal life, the dealership or your customer is often a deciding factor on whether you will be a success in the car business. In fact this is such an important aspect of selling cars for a living that I’m planning to do a post just on attitude. Your attitude comes through no matter how well you can put on a smile and go through the routine. When you have a positive attitude it shines through and nothing sells cars like enthusiasm. The salesman that comes across to the customer as a positive and upbeat person will sell many more cars than the person that has an attitude problem.

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Read Part One, Part Two and Part Three

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