It sounds easy, just sell more cars right! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell us that we need to sell more cars so we can make more car salesman commission. The person that is selling cars for a living that works on commission knows that there are only two ways to make more money; 1. sell more cars, 2. make a higher front end gross on each sale. What if you could sell thirty cars per month? It sounds so easy, but we all know that it’s never as easy as it sounds.

How Can I Sell More Cars

Customer So You Can Sell More CarsOne of things that I have learned after selling cars for any period of time is that most car sales people become conditioned. After you talk to so many people and taken so many test drives you become conditioned. You have been talking about all the features of new cars for so long that they are not special to you. They are the same old thing, day and day out. Then you begin to leave out some of these features in your walk around which will have a big impact on your ability to sell more cars.

You know about all these great features but your car buyer does not. If just one of these features is important to your car buyer and you did not talk about it and the car salesman at the car dealer they just came from earlier or yesterday talked about it there is a good chance they are going to prefer the other car and sales person. The car from the other dealer may have been a similar car with the same feature, but your competitor told them about the feature and you did not. We would think that if this feature was important to then that they would ask about it, but from experience we know that the car buyer is sometimes too shy or embarrassed to ask all those questions and instead they assume. When they assume you could lose a sale and your competitor will sell more cars. They won’t tell you why they are not buying today (they rarely do), and they go to the other dealer and buy a car. You will never sell thirty cars per month like that.

Selling More Cars by Thinking Like the Car Buyer

You average car buyer may only buy a new car every 4 or 5 years and things can change a lot since the last time they bought a car. Some of the features that are standard in cars today were options or not even available 5 years ago. Get in the habit of thinking like the customer. Ask the questions, find the Hot Buttons, and get in their head. You might be sick and tired of talking about something like ABS brakes and you just mention that your car has that feature, but you need to tell them what ABS brakes can do for them. Give them a common scenario about how ABS brakes can keep them from having an accident. A scenario that makes them understand that they will be much safer in your car. Yes, almost all cars have ABS brakes today, but if you tell them and give them a scenario and your competitor does not your car is going to be the car buyers choice. This might sound too simple for a car salesman tip, but I see it happen all the time and the salesman that does talk about all the features will sell more cars.

Tell Them and Sell More Cars

I used ABS brakes as example above, but they are so many features in today’s new cars that you can talk about with the customer to sell more cars. Obviously not ever feature is going to be important to everyone, buy if you leave out the one feature that is important to you car buyer you might lose the sale and your car salesman income. You might not need to cover every feature as long as you can get in to their head and find out the ones that are important. We all know how important it is to tailor your process and procedure to the different types of car buyers that we meet every week. The better you cover the features that are important to them the closer you will be to that six figure income and sell more cars. Maybe you could sell thirty car per month, it can be done.

Later, Fresh Up On The Lot

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