Have your heard of this Old School saying; Two people Meet and one gets sold? If you think about this for a minute, it is so true. People will tell the car salesman almost anything. When you get a Fresh Up, either you succeed in getting them to buy a car or they succeed in selling you why they are not buying a car. Who is the Car Sales Professional here anyway? You didn’t become a car salesman to get sold.

Car Sales Tip

This is a good saying to keep in mind when you are working with a potential car buyer. When you start pushing your customer too early they usually back off and start to sell you on why they are not buying a car today. Anybody that has been selling cars for a while knows that they need to back off and focus on building rapport. A good car salesman will listen to them carefully and ask questions.

Who is the Car Salesman?

Car Salesman Car Sales Tips

People like to talk about themselves, but not until you build some rapport with them. Once you break down some of those barriers you can get them talking. Once they open up and start talking they will start revealing some of the information you can use to sell them a car. A good car salesman will listen twice as much as they talk and that will lead to a nice car salesman income.

A good car sales tip is to listen carefully and read between the lines. You are the car sales professional so you need to sell them, not them selling you. Keep that thought in mind when you start hearing your customer pitching you who the car salesman or saleswoman is, you or them.

I have sold many customers a car that said: “we are only shopping today, we will be buying next week after we get a chance to look at some other cars”.

Two people meet and one gets sold……which one will you be?

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