Only a person that has never been in the car business can use the words average car salesman. As long as I have been in the car business I have never met the average car salesman or car saleswoman, because there is no such thing as an average car salesman.

The Average Car Salesman Questions

You hear or see questions all the time asking how much does the average car salesman job earn or how many cars does the average car salesman sell. The average new or used car salesman doesn’t sell any cars or earn anything. There is no such thing as an average car salesman in the car business. I have seen car sales people earn less that $18,000 a year and others that earn a very nice six figure income. These same people may sell 3 or 4 cars a month while others may have sold 30 cars a month. Selling cars for a living is not a job that can be averaged out in order to make outsiders understand the car business because there is nothing average about a car sales career.

The Average Car Salesman is Never Average

A career in car sales is not one where “most” people can be successful. The good car salesman that sells car for a living is the farthest thing from the average car salesman. In fact a successful car salesman’s success is dependent on their ability to connect and build a bond quickly with a very wide range of personalities. They can read their customer and adapt in seconds. They can read body language, they have the skills of a lie detector and they can change anything they need to change to build rapport with a potential car buyer.

The good car salesman might be compared to a chameleon for their ability to change and adapt to the situation at hand. Now I ask you, do you call that an average car salesman?

The Average Car Salesman Breakdown

When it comes to how much do car salesmen make a year the breakdown of the “average car salesman” (being sarcastic) you have the following;

Newbies, Green Peas and Weak Sticks: They sell anywhere from 3 to 6 cars a month. The Newbies and Green Peas are understandable, buy if you are selling 3 to 6 cars a month for any length of time it is time to look for a new profession. Either they can’t close a door behind them or they just don’t care. Either way they are wasting “Fresh Ups”, time to move on.

The next group is hard to put a label on because is consists of a wide range of sales people (maybe, average car salesmen-being sarcastic again). The car sales people in this group range from 6 to 12 cars a month depending on their efforts, motivation, personal work ethic and ability to connect with different personality types. They might earn $25,000 a year up to $75,000 a year. They could be a the best car salesman at their dealership if they would make the effort and hone their skills.

The last group has been called many different names. Some call them veterans (but they may have been selling cars for a living for less than a year). Some people call them closers, top sales people, sharks, and a whole host of other names. They are the Top Sales People. They are selling cars consistently, month in and month out. They may sell anywhere from 16 to 30 cars a month and the are making a six figure income. Very often this group of car salesmen and car sales women sell 20% of a car dealers total volume. They close deals, sell extras, get referrals, make more gross and deliver lots of cars. They know how to connect with customers, sell cars and make a nice car salesman commission.

Now, back to the issue at hand. Can you tell me which one is the average? That’s right, there is no such thing as an average car salesman. Only successful ones and ones that are becoming the best car salesman at their dealership, the rest need to go. If you are asking how much do car salesmen make a year you can see there is not a clear answer unless you want to use the average numbers which are unrealistic when we are talking about car salesman compensation.

How Much a Car Salesman Earns – Details


Later, Fresh Up on the Lot

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KB · January 14 at 5:33 pm

Thanks Lafe

lafe · January 14 at 2:05 pm

I agree to this article. My version of a average car salesman woud be a guy that has bein in the business makes 35 grand a year and averages around 8-12 cars a month though. This is the older guy that is burnt out tired of building a client til that will never come back. People don’t understand this business. Everyone hates you nobody likes you yes, you are there enemy. However a car salesman has 5 minutes to make a fresh up like you they will either be drowling and can’t wait to buy the car or just think you are and idiot and want to get the hell out of dodge. I have bein in this business going on 6 years and not one day is the same or person. The main part of this article is listed you have to adapt to every single customer and keep them interest as much as possible. You, can’t keep talking about the car or you will be classified a just a car salesman. Dig deep like I said you have 5 minutes to connect a bond, It dont matter you have to find something that you both share. Gain there trust and they will keep buying for you. Don’t be that car salesman that just thinks they sell them once and that is it. Move on, So like I said I believe the average car salesman is that guy that sells them once and is done.

KB · August 12 at 6:44 am

Thanks Jaydip,


Jaydip · August 9 at 6:31 am

I agree too, I have been in the business for 10 years, I am a 20+ a month salesman, some guys think I am LUCKY, I laugh on the inside, they have NO clue, when I was new I saw who was the best, listened to them, asked questions, I was fortunate to have some good guys that helped me. The new guys today finish a one week training class, hit the floor thinking they know it ALL, keep selling 5-8 cars for $150 flats…..that’s not my idea of a living!!!

KB · July 8 at 7:48 am

Thanks David

david kitchen · June 21 at 9:49 am

I have been in the business for 22 years and I agree with this article!!! There is no such thing as a normal car guy period!!! lol thanks for the article!!!

KB · March 25 at 11:50 am

Thanks Gil

GIL · March 23 at 2:24 pm

I will consider this information good. I been selling cars for six years. sometimes I sell seven in a month. sometimes I sell twenty.
It just depends how im feeling. but I never sell under seven. I LIKE reading things like this on my down time. its a helpeful cheer. I speak spanish also and well honestly I love selling cars.
its crazy but its fun.

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