When we have a career in car sales there is always that point where you will need to be creating urgency in the mind of your car buyer. This car salesman tip is easy to talk about, but it’s hard for some people to do without coming off as cheesy. We are trying to change the image and raise the bar when it comes to the image that the public has of being a car salesman here at Car Sales Professional.

Creating urgency in your car buyers mind needs to be handled very delicately because it directly impacts your car salesman income. You have seen comedy skits and TV shows that depict being a car salesman and asking the car buyer “what can I do to get you to buy today” and in essence that is what we are trying to do. We want them to buy a car now, while they are at our car dealership. Of all the car salesman tips this is probably one of the hardest for sales people to grasp and execute properly.

Car Salesman Tip – Plant Urgency Seeds

When you are working with a car buyer you should be creating urgency throughout the car sales process. From the walk around to the test drive and through to negotiations you should be planting seeds to create urgency. Implement this car salesman tip from the very beginning of the process, have the customer select the car that they are interested in and then you will compliment them on their choice and mention how fast they have been selling. Don’t overdo it, just a little small talk about how well it has been selling and that everybody that bought has been very happy with the car.

Gently Create Urgency – Car Salesman Tip

Now when you go on a test drive with you car buyer you will continue to plant seeds and add comments that will create urgency. You might say: “I can certainly see why these cars are selling so well, the ride or style, or power or whatever is very impressive”. Again, just a few comments here and there, no cheesy lines about the selling ending in an hour or something along that line. Change it up and show genuine concern that you want them to have the car they really want and not settle for their second choice. It is not always what you say, very often the most powerful communication is what you don’t say.

To sum up this car salesman tip; give the cheesy lines a break and raise the bar. Plant the small seeds to create urgency from the beginning of the car sales processes all the way to negotiations and closing. We really do want to sell the car now, but the “classic car salesman pitches” won’t help you, unless you use them as a joke to put the customer at ease. When you learn to create urgency slowly and without sounding cheesy your car sales career will be getting closer and closer to that six figure income and the reason you chose to become a car salesman.

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