Over the years one thing that I have learned to do is stop judging or pre-qualifying potential car buyers. When customers come into your dealership they are really saying; Sell me a car, Mr. Salesman. Unless they are coming in for parts or service, they are interested in a car. They may not have consciously came in to buy a car today, but subconsciously they want a car. They just need to meet a Professional Car Salesman or Saleswoman.

They Are Saying Sell Me A Car

They Are Saying Sell Me A Car

We have all seen sales people take a pass on a fresh up because they don’t look like a car buyer. They spot a fresh up on the lot and look the other way so someone else will take them. For some reason they pass because they don’t look like a buyer to them. Maybe they drove on the lot in a 14 year old beater or hoopdy, maybe they are poorly dressed or some other reason, but remember they are really saying sell me a car.

When you get in the habit of pre-qualifying or cherry picking your customers, you are passing up opportunities. Car buyers come in all shapes and sizes and they all have different financial situations. You never know what type of customer you are going to be working with, treat all of them like buyers. When you treat them all like buyers you will amazed how often they will buy a car or send you a referral.

Many times I have seen a new car salesperson take an Up that nobody wanted and they end up selling them a car and making a great car salesman commission. Other times I seen a salesman get a customer that is not buying today, but they followed up and sold them at a later date. They really are saying Sell Me A Car.

Stop cherry picking and judging potential customers, your sales will increase and your car salesman income. Also you will be building your customer base for future sales and referrals. Before long you will have more and more customers saying “Sell Me A Car”.

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