Are you telling your customers or are you selling them?

Telling is not selling and being a car salesman requires you to sell your customer rather than tell them. Most people are very skeptical when it comes to believing what other people say unless they are a trusted and respected source. They will believe someone that they know or have a reputation of being honest and sincere. People are resistant to having other people TELL them anything and especially a good car salesmen.

Being a Car Salesman and Our Image

Be A Car Salesman and Engage Your Customer

Be A Car Salesman and Get Your Customer Engaged

I don’t think I have to tell you this, but I will anyway. Most people don’t trust car salesmen or car dealers. Being a car salesman may not be the most glamorous career, but when you can earn a six figure income selling cars for a living you should be able to be proud of what you do.  The average consumer is bombarded by the media and society with stories of how bad and dishonest car salesmen are and that they are not to be trusted. To be a good car salesmen and especially a successful one, we need to overcome the image that the average person has of our profession.

Be a Car Salesman and Get Them Involved

Lets get back telling and selling. Being a car salesmen to some is telling their customers about the car they are trying to sell. When you tell car buyers about the great features a car has they are often resistant to what you are saying. You need to get them involved, you need to have them experience the features. They need to see, hear and feel the features you are talking about. When they get involved and use their senses to experience these features their emotions become involved. When you show them and get them involved they will start believing in you and what you are selling.

Get your customer involved so they experience and feel the benefits. Get their emotions engaged and you will overcome their resistance. The car buyer that buys with logic alone pays a “Mini” but the car buyer that uses their emotions can help you create a very nice commission. Being the car salesman or car saleswoman that can get their buyers emotions involved in making their decisions is a good car salesman that has the potential to earn a six figure income.

Stop telling and start selling by getting your customer to see, feel, smell, touch and hear. When your words match their experiences you become believable and maybe even trusted so you can sell more cars and make more money.

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