When you sell cars for a living there are times when the desperation hits and you say “I need to sell a car”. It happens to everyone that has a career in car sales. The month is going along and you haven’t sold a car in days or even a week and your monthly total is looking pretty weak. You start getting desperate to sell a car.

You start wondering why you are selling cars for a living and you are concerned about your car salesman income. You know that the days of the month are clicking by and you have not sold a car. You don’t want another weekly check that is a draw that is not enough to pay for lunch and coffee for the next week. All you can think of is how desperate you are to sell a car. You taking every up you can get.

Being Desperate and Selling Cars for a Living Does Not Work

It is strange and the only to describe this occurrence is to compare it to the way an animal can smell fear. When you are selling cars for a living and you desperately need to sell a car your car buyer can sense or smell your desperation. They can some how feel how badly you need to sell a car and are more resistant to connecting with you. They are not usually consciously aware that you are desperate, but they sense it and naturally back away.

The Newbie and Selling Cars for a Living

This desperation is very common to Newbies and Green Peas when they start selling cars for a living, but it can happen to even the most experienced auto sales professional. Being aware of this situation can help tremendously, but more importantly you need to change the way that you think and interact with your customers.

Regardless of how desperate you may be to sell a car you need to stop focusing on that fact and focus on your customer. Successfully selling cars for a living is dependent on your ability to focus on the customer in front of you. They are talking to you because they want to buy a car. Period. They need to feel that you are concerned about their wants and needs instead of your own. It is important for you to make them feel comfortable so they can say Yes, I will take that deal.

Car Salesman Tip: No matter what your customer thinks or asks, tell them that selling cars for a living has been good and things are going great. Sales have been good and your car salesman income has hardly changed. Let them know that the economy has had very little impact on your sales because your repeat business has been keeping you busy. Tell them you have had practically no change in your sales because get lots of referrals from happy customers.

Selling cars for a living and hitting that six figure income is dependent on you making your car buyer think that they are buying a car because it is a good deal and they want the car, not because you need to sell a car. Being a car salesman is not all about you, you need to have your customer believe it is all about them.

Later, Fresh Up on the lot.

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